Malalai Joya speaking tour
to the USA

Joya speaking in an event in Santa Barbara

Joya with Katie Crawley

On March 9, Malalai met with the staff members of Congressman Russell Feingold, a Democrat from Wisconsin. In the photos she is seen with his chief Wisconsin staff person, Katie Crawley. Malalai also spoke with Feiengold's chief foreign affairs staffer, Gray who was on speaker phone. She discussed U.S. support for Afghan warlords, foreign aid not reaching intended recipients, problems faced by Afghan women, U.S. and NATO troops, and and reported there in the U.S. detention centers in Afghanistan and many other issues with them.

With her Afghan supporters

Joya with a large number of Afghans who received her warmly in California. Joya delivered a speech in a public meeting and answered questions.

Famous Afghan singer, Hungama, warmly welcomed Joya in her house in Toronto, Canada

Hungama and her husband, Mr. Wais Soror, presented a special concert for Joya.

Joya in the Central Library in santa Barbara

Mar.18: Over 200 people came to hear Malalai speak at the Central Library in Santa Barbara, CA.

with U.S. Congresswoman Lois Capps

Mar.17: Joya meets with U.S. Congresswoman Lois Capps in Santa Barbara.

Joya with Mayor of Santa Barbara

Mar.17: Joya with Mayor Marty Blum (right) - who welcomed her in Santa Barbara Press Conference. Briana Lawrie (left) was the main organizer or her events in Santa Barbara.

Malalai with her supporters in Santa Barbara who worked hard to organize events for her.

Interview with Vermont Public Radio.

Joya gives interview to Steve Zind from Vermont Public Radio.

Nobel Laureate Betty Williams with Malalai Joya  - September 2007

Nobel Laureate Betty Williams with Malalai Joya at Women, Power & Peace Conference. (Photo by Lisa Lavert)

Joya with Daruish, great freedom-loving Iranian singer

With Daruish, great freedom-loving Iranaian singer.

Joya with Raziq Fani

Malalai Joya with Afghan poet Raziq Fani, he came from a far away just to meet her in person.

With American children.

Interview with a local radio.

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