Transcript of Parliament session when Joyas raised the issue of alleged $25m fraud by Younis Qannoni (speaker of the house)

April 8, 2006

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Malalai Joya: I have a question, but before my question, I would like to say that I agree with the MPs who made effective suggestions for the improvement of the situation of education and it builds up my wishes and desires too for our educational system to progress and more practical steps should be taken and its importance is clear to our people especially the blow that our country suffered in the field of education in the last 25 years.

During my tour to Canada and the USA, a news report came out of media to our people and the report said that Mr. Qanooni [speaker of the parliament now] has been accused for the theft of 25 million dollars when he was the Minister of Education. Our people are not aware of how much truth does it carry and are hardly waiting for the case to be cleared out.

The question that I have from Mr. Asmat is during the time when he got the votes from the MPs and became the education minister, till what extend would he take this case serious or would just let it go with the wind? Thank you.