Transcript of Parliament session when Joya was stopped by pro-warlord MPs

April 17, 2006

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Movie Clip of this Session
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Speaker: Ms. Malalai Joya from Women, Civil Society and Human Rights Commission

Malalai: In the name of God. I am Malalai Joya from Farah province. I have a question which is from an elderly fathers and I would set forth for candidate Minister.

The first question from our aged father and I got it just today. He is a Muslim and a Mujahid and he requested me to ask this question from Mr. Minister as a representative of the other ministers.The question is that during your speeches, why do you all mention again and again about Islam and Jihad (holy war) whereas the whole nation of Afghanistan are Muslims and Mujahids. Are you doubtful of yourself being a Muslim and Mujahid or the MPs? And also he added of being witnesses about a number of rulers of past, who in the name of Islam and Jihad, have committed countless crimes. They even went to the Holy Mecca and took an oath to stop but did not stand by their oath.

Speaker: Ms. Malalai Joya, please mention your question.

A MP: (In Pashto) Deputy, please do not give her the permission to speak.

MPs trying to stop Joya

Deputy speaker: (in Pashto) please do not make any noise. Please do not disturb the meeting. (in Farsi) Ms. Malalai Joya, what is your question? Please ask your question about trade.

Speaker: Mr. Aurang, please stay in your seat.

Ms. Joya, please ask your question or else your turn will be denied.

Another speaker: (in Pashto) Malalai Joya, ask a question related to trade do not ask unrelated questions.

Speaker: Brother please sit down. Mr MP please sit down.

Lady Deputy Speaker: Haji Aurang please sit down. I request all the representatives of the people to preserve their calmness. Sister Malalai Joya, if you have a question related to work, please go on with it or else we are sorry because of the distraction.

Malalai: This question is also related to that because a matured father has mentioned it, let me ask itů (Interruption by MPs)

Let us see what the minister has to say about it, why are you interfering? I am asking the minister.

I request, all of us are Muslims, all of us are Mujahids, I am not insulting anyone. It was a question and I did it.

Malalai Joya arguing with the protesting MPs

Speaker: All MPs, please keep discipline. If she has not got any question, we would not give her the right to comment. This is no place for commenting. Ms. Malalai Joya, please point out your question, do not comment.

Malalai: Why are you taking it to yourself? If you all are Muslims and Mujahids, why are you taking it to yourself? If you are true Muslims and Mujahids then stop taking it to yourself.

There would be other questions too, you should have some patience. Listen with patience.

Lady Deputy Speaker: Thank you sister Malalai Joya. I request the Commission for corruption and vileness, Mr. Pirbakhsh Gardewal to present their question.

Another speaker: (in Pashto) Malalai Joya. Oh MPs

A lady MP: Respected Chairman and assistant director

Another speaker: (in Pashto) please do not interrupt. Do not distract the meeting. Please keep discipline.

Another speaker: (in Pashto) Malalai Joya has no question regarding trade so we deny her turn. Gardewal, please go on with your question.

Speaker: Commission for corruption and vileness, please ask your question.

Pirbakhsh Gardewal: Respected assistant director

Another speaker: (to Malalai) Sister, instead of asking your question, you insult people. What kind of things do you say? (Interruption) You ask question about trade, you insult people. This is not suitable for you. (Interruption) You distracted the whole meeting. You destroyed the discipline of the meeting.

Another speaker: (in Pashto) Please Mr. Gardewal come here. Start your questions to stop the disturbance. (To Malalai) Please do not disrupt the meeting.