Documents of the DCMJ

Defense Committee for Malalai Joya (DCMJ) has been set up by a group of Joya supporters to publicize her great cause and to promote Joya as a true voice of Afghan people. Keeping in mind the danger she faces from the fundamentalists side, we ask all well-wishers of Afghan people to come forward and support Joya who has rose to fight injustices with praiseworthy courage and determination.

A document proving conspiracy of the parliament against Joya
DCMJ, May 19, 2008

Warlords and drug-lords oust Malalai Joya from the parliament
DCMJ, May 22, 2007

Treasonous Conspiracy against Malalai Joya was neutralized
DCMJ, April 18, 2006

URGENT ACTION needed to save the life of Malalai Joya
DCMJ, Feb. 7, 2006

Rise in support of Malalai Joya!
DCMJ, Dec.20, 2003

Download and Distribute Malalai Joya's flyer
By DCMJ (PDF file, 788kb)

Purchase Promotional Products about Malalai Joya

Support Joya in Her Election Campaign
DCMJ, Feb.6, 2005

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