A member of parliament confessed to his fraud

Pajhwok Afghan News, February 14, 2007

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Document with fake signature of Malalai Joya

Copy of the petition with fake signature of Joya.

A member of parliament confessed to his fraud and apologies.

In a petition addressed to the Interior Minstry, Aynuddin, a member of Afghan parliament from Farah province, on the behalf of the Purchaman district of Farah, asked the ministry to restore Mr. Saleem Mubariz as the district chief. He had forged Joya's signature in this petition.

Aynuddin, while expressing regret from his act, on Feb.14 told the media: "As I have forged Joya's signature on her absence for remaining of Saleem Mubriz in his post, therefore I would like to apology to People of Purchaman and Malalai Joya."

In response to the questions about the reason of his act, he told: "There was fighting in Bakwa and Dilaram districts, to stop the offence of Taliban on our district, we did the fraud to give our petition the credit so Saleem Mubariz remain in the post to stop the Taliban."

According to him, there were rumors that the district chief is going to be changed.

Malalai Joya, elected representative of Farah, termed the district chief as a cruel and tyrant person and condemned the misuse of her signature.

She added: "Fraud in the people's house shows that some members of parliament have win their seats by fraud, threat, dependence to foreigners and using thousand types of cheatings and found their ways to the parliament and infected this most important source of legislation."

Joya asked government officials to remove Saleem and his likes from the important posts, as the poor people are victims of their wrong doings.

According to her, Saleem Mubariz has established his own local government in the Purchaman district.

She added: "Based on the reports we have got from people, Saleem says that even Mr. Karzai can't remove him from this post. He has been imposed by some powerful people."

In the said document, besides fake signature of Joya, 4 other members of parliament also have singed. Joya stated in this regard: "I will never compromise with criminals and traitors."

Based on the information, the petition was [approved by the interior ministry and] sent to Farah May 2006 and later Joya found about it.

She says such frauds show a kind of dealing between members of parliament and the ministers.

Movie clip of Aynuddin and Joya's remarks
Ariana TV, Feb.14, 2006

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Fraud with Joya's signature