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Joya's Photos

Malalai Joya during in interview in the USA, Mar.2006

Joya in her home in Farah, photo by Marie Dorigny

Joya writing her notes in her home in Farah. Photos by Marie Dorigny which has been published in the French version of ELLE magazine on Jan.16, 2006.

Sonali Kolhatkar and Jim Ingalls during their visit with Joya in Farah in Feb.2005

Feb.21, 2005: Sonali Kolhatkar and Jim Ingalls co-directors of the AWM on a visit to Farah to meet Malalai Joya and her projects.

Sonali Kolhatkar and Jim Ingalls with childern of an orphange for boys run by Joya in Farah. Feb.2005

Sonali and Jim with children of an orphanage run by Joya in Farah.

an event on International Women's Day organized by Joya and her supporters in Farah

To celebrate the International Women's Day, on March 8, 2004 Joya and her supporters organized a big gathering in the city of Farah. Over 3000 people, most of them women, participated in it. Joya herself could not attend the event because she was invited to Kabul to attend a function organized by Women's Ministry, so her message was read out by another woman.

Women of Farah arise for their rights

Determination and absolute stand of Joya against criminal warlords is a matter of great proud to all women of Farah. She has moved a large number of women. Participation of that much women in a public gathering has never been seen in the history of Farah. Most women have come to the conclusion that if they arise and raise their voice, no enemy can break their resistance.

Joya talking to tribal elders of Farah

Malalai Joya speaking to elders and tribal leaders of different villages of Farah who came together in her office to ask her to convey their opposition and objection to Mr. Karzai for appointing Bashir Baghlani as the governor of Farah province by him. They all announced that they reject Bashir who is a well-known criminal commander of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar whose hands are stained with the blood of our people, and his appointment is an insult to all people of Farah.

Joya (Left) in Germany on a speaking tour

Joya delivering speech in a meeting in Hamburg, Germany in Nov.2002. She was part of a group of Afghan women who traveled to Germany on a speaking tour to raise awareness on the horrible situation of Afghanistan.

Joya speaking with children in an orphanage in Farah province. She herself has established the orphanage and coordinates its affaires.

Joya in an orphanage in Farah province

Joya speaking with villagers in Farah

Joya listens to the people of a village in Farah who lost their homes, lands and everything due to sand winds in July.2003. She convinced an Afghan NGO to distribute food among these people.

Joya is listening to the problems of women in Farah province. Due to her popularity among people, they elected her as their representative in the Loya Jirga.

Joya listening to the problems of women in Farah

Joya delivers speech in a meeting of elders in Farah

Joya speaking in a meeting of tribe elders in Farah. Because of her brave remarks on the pains of Afghan people, she has won many hearts in her province.