Photos of Malalai Joya's visit to Farah

February 2009

Joya at the inauguration of the patients' visitors building Joya funded the construction of this building Joya giving a speech at the inauguration of the building
Joya talking to women Joya talking with a clinic worker Joya looking around the clinic
Joya talking to a group of women Joya talking to female students Joya talking to a boys' class
Joya meeting an elder People discussing their problems with Joya Joya meeting a group of elders
Joya with other people in the area Joya meeting group of elders Joya giving an interview
Joya with a group of orphans Joya with the people of Farah Joya with a patient
Joya with a couple of supporters Joya meeting an officer Joya the teachers of a school
Joya with young girls Joya talking to women Joya delivering speech