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REPORT: Malalai Joya's speaking tour to Denmark from March 8 to 15, 2016

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Reported by: Henri Barbara , March 18, 2016

Malalai Joya Prior to Malalai Joya arriving to Denmark,Henri Barbara published an interview with her at the webportal Modkraft. The headline says "The progressive in Afghanistan need us to bring forward their voices" (find all link for all articles in the bottom of the report)

The article was about Malalai Joyas trip to Denmark, her view on the Danish participation of the occupation of Afghanistan, the Danish cooperation with Saudi Arabia and more. The article was posted on the website midtnight to March 8 as a part of International Womens Day.

Malalai Joya

Tuesday, March 8

In the morning, Malalai Joya had a meeting at the Daily Newspaper Information. Facilitator was the journalistCharlotte Aagaardwho has been in Afghanistan several times reporting from there. Other panel-members was debator and writer Nazila Kiviand doctor Lamaa Al-Farra.

The theme of the presentations were womens rights as part of 8th of March.The presentations were followed up by questions from the audience facilitated by journalist Charlotte Aagaard, who afterwards interview Malalai Joya for the newspaper. The headline of the article is: "t's enough, please leave", and afterwards: "The West should withdraw completely both military and economically, is the opinion of the country's most famous woman and former parlarment-member Malalai Joya, who has been living underground for almost ten year due to fear of assassinations."

Malalai Joya

At noon Malalai made interview at the TV-station TV2 News. The headline says 'Former Afghanp arlaments-member are visiting Denmark'.

Malalai Joya

In the afternoon an event was held at Copenhagen University with the union NASIM (Network of Academics, Students and Interested in the Middle East). Together with journalist Nagieb Khaja and politician Samira Nawa.

Facebook-event NASIM

Malalai Joya

The event was together with journalist Nagieb Khaja, who has been covering Afghanistan, Palestine and Syria for the last many years. His documentary 'My Afghanistan' went beyond the normative Western journalism in Afghanistan, which is often embedded through the military - this documentary showed the lives of civilians in the country side of Helmand, where the participants filmed their lives themselves through smartphones. Recent years he has been in Gaza and in Nothern parts of Syria reporting about the wars and lives of the civilians.

Samira Nawa fled with her parents from Afghanistan in 1986 and have since 2009 been political candidate for The Danish Social-Liberal Party, which is situated in the center of the Danish political spectrum. She is now candidate for parlamentent and is the substitute for the European Parlament.

Malalai Joya

Thursday, March 10

At noon a privat meeting was held with the youth and anti-imperialistic organisation International Forum. Representatives from the Middle East sub-group met with Malalai, and here it was discussed, how International Forum could start cooperation not only with Malalai Joya, but also with progressive Afghan groups and parties like RAWA and Solidarity Party of Afghanistan – in order to strengthen the anti-imperialistic struggle internationally

Malalai Joya

Here in front of International Forums house in Copenhagen. Here there is space for meetings, events and a shop with many books about anti-imperialistic and anti-capitalistic struggles all over the world.

In the afternoon, the main librabry held an event with African dissidents on colonialism, and here Malalai Joya were the guest of honor. The speakers were Anna Neye (actress), Lesley-Ann Brown (writer), Jeannette Ehlers (artist) and Simmi Dullay (scholar and artist).

The event was about history of colonialism and how it has been and still are affecting the global world of today according imperialism, racism and injustice.

You can download the whole event as an audio-file here: BIBLIOTEKER

Malalai Joya

In the evening, the event "Women in Afghanistan, before war and now" was held in joint cooperation between KVINFO, AYAD, NASIM, Snabslanten and Danish Afghanistan Committee (DAC), with Malalai Joya as guest of honor.

The main focus of the event was on Afghan women and their current position and situation in Afghanistan, where Malalai Joya contributed with her political, personal and critical insight on the matter. Her critical and provocative view on the current situation in Afghanistan, Western occupation, women's situation in particular challanged the perception of the audience and helped create a very heated and productive debate in the second half of the event. Hence, this event and presence of Malai Joya helped challange the maintsream perception of Afghan Women as well as the general political situation in Afghanistan and Western involvement.

Malalai Joya

The event attracted a very large and varied group in age, ethnicity and gender. Around 80% of the audience were mainly youth primarily from Copenhagen area.

Malalai Joya

Friday, March 11

In the morning, Malalai Joya met with parlamentaries Pelle Dragsted from the Red-Green-alliance and Søren Søndergaard from the Peoples Movement against EU.

Red-Green-alliance have from the beginning oppsed the military invasion and occcupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and both parlamentarians where very interested to speak more with Malalai Joya about the current situation and how to make new alliances with parties like Solidarity Party of Afghanistan.

Malalai told them more about the different grassroots-groups and then she gave updates on the current situation in Afghanistan.

She told how the attack on Farkhunda and how it was planned and carried out in impunity with the presence of national and foreign troops.

She also told about the Tabastoun- revolution, which happend after the killings of

The two parlamentarians asked, what will happen if a total withdrawel of the foreign troops happens, and Malalai Joya answered, that then the backbone of the reactionaries will break. "Before we had one enemy – Taleban – but now we have three enemies: Taleban, warlords and foreign occupation forces, " she explained

Afterwards Malalai met with KVINFO at their library. KVINFO is an organisation working for gender equality in Denmark though collection of research and information on questions about equality. They have cooperation with groups in the Middle East.

The employeers were interested to know more about the conditions for women in Afghanistan, and Malalai told the horrific stories about Farkhunda, Shakeela and other women, who died or got beaten. The discussion was both about the sexist and partriarchal view on women in Afghanistan, but also how the violent attacks has happen in the presence of International troops and Afghan police, and how the impunity makes it possible for other men to make crimes against women.

Malalai Joya

In the late afternon, Malalai Joya met with ther old friend documentarist Eva Mulvad at the main library. Eva Muldvad followed Malalai for one month during her political campaign running for parlament back in 2005.

First the audience watch the documentary 'Enemies of Happiness', which is about Malalai life and political ambitions during her political campaign running for parlament. The movie shows not only her political strength and determination, but also an insight in the Afghan life in Farah-province, and how it is affected by powerful druglords and their horrible view on women.

Facebook-event: Malalai Joya og Eva Mulvad

Malalai Joya

Afterwards Eva Mulvad started the conversation and was focused on Malalais personal life and the consequences of living underground surrounded with bodyguards. The tough and injust condition led the common discussion into, how situation can be like this for especially women in Afghanistan, and again Malalai pointed out the impunity for war- and drugslords, which is made possible with the cooperation with the Westerns governments and the enormous amount of donations, which dissapears into corruption.

Saturday, March 12

Saturday Malalai had a private meeting with Cristina Palabay from Philiphines at International Forum. Christina Palaby is general-secretary for the human-rights organisation KARAPATAN. Malalai Joya and Christina Palaby talked about the link between American imperialism in both Philiphines and Afghanistan, and how it had and are violating human rights and creating political prisoners

Here is link for the organisation KARAPATAN

Malalai Joya

Here Malalai Joya receives a rose from Christina Palabay. The rose is made by pearls and has been produced by female political prisoners in Philiphines. The project was started inside the prison by Andrea Rosal, who recently was released from prison after being hold as a political prisoners. Andrea Rosal gave birth to her daugther inside prison and the day after the birth, her daughter died as a result of a lung infection. The pearl project she started is still going on inside the prison among female political prisoners.

Read more about Andrea Rosal's story here: RIGHTS WIRE

In the evening event in the Trampoline House with author Carsten Jensen. Carsten Jensen is author and critical debator expecially on Danish foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been travelling and reporting in Afghanistan back in the 80's and also during the Western occupation. He brought his own book of Malalai Joya, 'A Woman Among Warlords', which he refered to throughout the event, noticing how all the future proposals Malalai Joya is giving in it, has become true.

After the conversation between Malalai Joya and Carsten Jensen, the floor was open for questions. One young Afghan refugee, who grew up in Iran, asked in which way he could support the struggle for justice and peace in Afghanistan, noticing his weak relation to Afghanistan, because of his upbringing in Iran. Malalai Joya was determined to emphasize how Afghans must stay in the country to build it up – no liberation can be giving to a nation, the people have to build the country by themselves, even with empty hands.

Malalai Joya
Malalai Joya

A bout Trampoline House (from their website):

Trampoline House is an independent community center in Copenhagen that provides refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark with a place of support, community, and purpose. Four days a week, the house offers different classes and activities, legal counseling, and friendship with the aim of breaking the social isolation and sense of powerlessness that many refugees and asylum seekers experience. Trampoline House brings together asylum seekers and Danish citizens, refugees and other residents of Denmark, united by a desire to improve the conditions for asylum seekers and refugees. We are a self-governing institution with a board of directors, a paid staff, and a large group of interns and volunteers. Financial support comes from public and private funding, donations, and memberships.

Sunday, March 13

Event with AYAD, only for women as a part of International Womens Day.

The text is taken from the Facebook-event Kvindernes Internationale Kampdag

"...Conventional the event will be charactarized in terms of presentations of Attan (traditional Afghan dance), competitions with delicious presents plus treatments to you valuable women, and of course delicious Afghan food, dessert, snacks and lot of good time, dancing and music performed by Harris Saber."

"The event will be characterized by sharp points and thoughtful speeches from different and interesting speakers! Very specially we will have a visit this year from former Afghan parlamentarian and women rights fighter in Afghanistan, Malalai Joya, who will be with us!"

Malalai Joya
Malalai Joya

ead and see more pictures here: Kvindernes Internationale Kampdag

Malalai Joya

Monday, March 14

Monday morning, meeting with parlamentarian and foreign policy-spokesperson Nikolaj Willumsen from the Red-Green-alliance together with parlamentarian Eva Flyvholm. The Red-Green-alliance is the most leftwing party in the parlament, and have from the beginning voted no to military occupation in Afghanistan. The meeting was also together with head of 'The Veteran Union', Niels Hartvig Andersen. He himself has been in Afghanistan, working with the Danish military, and he was surprised to hear Malalai Joyas point of views.

Malalai Joya

After the Communist newspaper'Arbejderen', journalist Sven Erik, made interview with Malalai Joya. The headline is 'After 15 years of occupation. Malalai Joya curses the wars in Afghanistan'.

Malalai Joya
Malalai Joya

"USA and NATO should stop their support to the warlords of Afghanistan and corrupted politicians and retire completely, is the opinion of Malalai Joya. She believes this is the road to peace and evelopment."

In the afternoon, Malalai Joya met with parlamentarian Rasmus Nordquist from the new political party The Alternatives.

Malalai Joya

After she had a private meeting Iranian and Afghan refugees and political activists in the Persian library Poyandeeh.

Tuesday, March 15

Political meeting at the parlament with the Socialist Popular Party. The party voted againts the military invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 together with the Red- Green Alliance as the only parties to do so.

The Socialist Popular Party is a part of the new Danish "Afghanistan-Plan 2015-2017", which is mostly concerned about the military and civilian effort. A part of the plan is to actively support the negotians between Afghan government, Taleban and different rebel-groups.

The Red-Green Alliance is not supporting this plan.

This article from the Danish daily newspaper Politiken. The headline is 'The Women are in the homes or in the graves', focusing mostly on womens rights in Afghanistan.

"Malalai Joya has been attempted murded several times, and has been living underground for more than ten years, but the struggle for Afghan womens rights continues."

Malalai Joya

Links to all articles during Malalai Joyas stay in Denmark: POLITISK BAZAR




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