Shahrukh Zamani, the struggler worker that has been immortalized

Written by Malalai Joya Saturday, 26 September 2015 00:00


Malalai Joya, september 26, 2015

Malalai Joya

The news of the questionable death of Shahrukh Zamani, the struggler worker, in the dreadful prison of the bloodthirsty Iranian regime has wrenched the hearts of thousands and thousands of defenders of freedom, equality, and justice. I include myself with the freedom-seeking and progressive forces of Iran as they mourn the loss of this true son of the Iranian nation, and see his death as a painful loss for the progressive movement in Iran.

The murderous regime of Vilayate Faqih is fearful of the strength of the devoted patriotic strugglers even inside their own slaughterhouses, and has started to physically destroy them. They are trying to hinder the consciousness and just struggle of the people in this way, but are forgetting that with the devastation of every patriotic and devoted struggler in the society, many other strugglers are born and the banner of this struggle will only turn more crimson.

The beloved Shahrukh wrote in a letter from the prison to his daughter,

Consciousness and reflection are the only things dangerous to rulers and capitalism because it draws every person towards struggling against oppression. Yes, it is for this reason that merciless criminals commit all kinds of crimes against the conscious and revolutionary elements and see their destruction in the awakening and unity of the working people.

Shahrukh was not indifferent towards his nation’s pain like a few inert intellectuals of Afghanistan. As a conscious man with a conscience, he struggled for the betterment of his people till he lost his life. He wrote in the letter mentioned above,

How can I be indifferent towards the fate of hundreds of thousands of street children and tens of thousands of girls and homeless people on the streets, next to the multi-billionaire parasitic owners and their multi-billion machines?

I totally agree with Shahrukh the great when he says that ‘the fate of oppressors is the dustbin of history’. Thus, it is the duty of every intellectual, conscious, and patriotic person to get united and struggle for freedom, social justice, and real democracy till their last breath, so that the wonderful day of the downfall of the house of ruling oppressors comes closer. There is no other way for freedom from the oppression and despotism and horrors, except struggling for and accepting risks for human ideals.

It is for us to learn from great and noble people like Shahrukh Zamani and make them our models in life.