Meeting of Malalai with the eleven victim family in Kabul

Written by DCMJ Monday, 27 July 2015 10:49


Malalai Joya, July 26, 2015

Malalai Joya

On July 23, 2015, Malalai Joya met with the mourning families of the eleven of our Hazara compatriots who were kidnapped by the Taliban brutes five months back. These families are in an endless pain of waiting for the return of their loved ones and have set up a tent in Zarnigar Park to protest this situation.

These families told Joya that they had contacted government heads including Sarwar Danish, Khalili, Mohaqiq, Ghani, and others, several times after the kidnapping but it had borne no result.

We voted for these cowards but they have not paid any attention to our smallest demands. The location of our youngsters has been confirmed. Then why is this government not doing anything about it?

Our youngsters were not criminals,” they continued. “A deal was struck with the kidnappers in Badakhshan and the victims were freed, but because we are poor and have no contacts in the government, nobody listens to our cries

When we met the government authorities we said to them that if our sons had been your dear ones, you would have already dealt with the kidnappers a thousand times to free them.

these bereaved mothers and fathers asked Joya to raise their voice in the world so that the traitorous heads of government are forced to take action to free their loved ones.