Denying rumors that Malalai Joya has taken asylum abroad

Written by DCMJ Monday, 27 July 2015 09:38


Malalai Joya, July 25, 2015

Malalai Joya

Malalai Joya has taken asylum in Canada or Australia or Germany and has left her country. I have heard these rumors for quite some time now. These rumors remind me of the propaganda campaign started by my enemies and opponents after my speech in Loya Jirga in 2003 when I exposed the reality of these people. That smear campaign also tried to tell people that I gave that speech so that I could get asylum in western countries, not that they were my honest words and sympathy for my suffering nation.

I deny these rumors, as I have done so in the past, and state that I have not sought asylum in any other country, and am living in Afghanistan. However, I have occasionally visited different countries on the invitation of justice-seeking and pro-human rights organizations and figures to speak about the catastrophic situation in Afghanistan and the predatory policies of the western powers. I repeat that I have not left this scene for the traitors, and will stay by my suffering and ill-fated people till my last breath. I love my people and I am ready to sacrifice my life for their betterment. I have always criticized those who once took a strong stance against national traitors but then quickly become silent and left. I see such escapes and asylum as treason and will never give in to this filth.

In every country that is ruled by despotic and puppet regimes, determined strugglers of freedom and justice are forced to live underground or semi-underground. I have also been forced to work underground for many years, far from the eyes of the enemies who only speak through their guns. I love life and want to stand by everyone struggling for independence, freedom, democracy, and justice till the end. I want to struggle at whatever level I can so I can see an independent, prosperous, and thriving Afghanistan. But I am not ready to spend my life as a lackey and coward at any cost. I prefer death over such a shameful life.

It is painful for me to see a handful of our youngsters who face unimaginable humiliation and degradation to escape the miseries of our country and reach western countries. My message for the young generation is that this country, which is sinking in disasters and being attacked by foreign and local scavengers, belongs to you and me; we can save our motherland by struggling and resisting against these enemies. Therefore, we must accept the pressure and pain and try to work for our land and people instead of giving up and leaving them in their misfortune.

In the end I announce my commitment to my oppressed people. I stand by you. I have not left this struggle till today and will not rest after this either. I see silence and escape from this struggle as political death.