Malalai Joya's speech in the demonstration of Solidarity Party

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Malalai Joya, July 5, 2015

Malalai Joya

July 6, 2015: The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) held a demonstration in Kabul to protest the decision of the Court of Appeal and the serious negligence of the national ‘terror’ government in arresting and punishing the real perpetrators of the brutal murderer of Farkhunda. Malalai Joya also participated in this gathering and stated her determination for seeking justice for Farkhunda’s blood in a short speech. The text of her speech is written below.

I would like to thank my dear friends from the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan for inviting me to join them in today’s protest to demand justice for the death of Farkhunda whose case has been crushed by the mafia government.

I believe that the brutality against martyr Farkhundas was not an accident but was pre-planned by religious fundamentalists and misogynist criminals to intimidate our people, and especially our women, and to refresh the memories of our people of the brutal crimes that took place in the 1990s.

A government that is composed of criminals and traitors of the past three decades, and is a clique of the most misogynist and bloodthirsty elements, cannot be expected to punish their own kind. This government’s only duty is to protect these criminals. It is our people who should not sit silently and turn Farkhunda’s bloody cloths into their banner for the struggle for freedom and justice. We can only honor Farkhunda’s blood by widespread struggle for justice.

Eleven years ago I stated that the US has imposed traitors and criminals upon our people who are dragging our dear country towards bigger disasters. Unfortunately, today we see that Afghanistan is burning in the inferno of bloodshed, mourning, insecurity, corruption, and rule of mafia. The situation today is worse than it was during the medieval-minded Taliban’s regime. Justice continues to be quashed in Hitler style. Afghan women are still living in hell-like conditions. Martyr Farkhunda’s case is only one instance that shows the horrific conditions our women live in. Farkhunda’s noble blood has turned into the honor of every noble compatriot of mine. If we are unable to honor her blood and attain justice, the last nail will be driven into the coffin of justice in this country and we will witness darker days in the future.

I believe that offering our condolences to Farkhunda’s mourning family and other Farkhundas does not end their pain and suffering. We can crush the ruling traitors with selfless struggle and practical actions, and this will be our revenge for Farkhunda’s blood. If we do not reach this aim, every day a Farkhunda will burn in the fire of the barbarity and ignorance of the fundamentalist monsters, these devoted lackeys of the US, Pakistan, Iran, and other countries.

Defending Farkhunda is defending every Afghan mother and sister; defending Farkhunda is defending the nobility and conscience of our nation; defending Farkhunda is defending every oppressed Afghan woman whose cries can be heard from every corner of the country. Those who are indifferent to her blood have lost their humanity, and it is highly possible that their own sisters and mothers will be their next victims.

In the end, I promise the suffering families of my homeland that I will always stand by them and not sit silent for even a moment. I join you in the struggle against ruling criminals in the country, and in defense of independence, freedom, democracy, and justice, by accepting all kinds of dangers.

Malalai Joya

Malalai Joya
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