Afghanistan’s Parliament, the Wolves’ Den

Written by Malalai Joya Wednesday, 08 July 2015 09:30


Malalai Joya, july 7, 2015

Malalai Joya

After weeks of quarrels and squabbles, the Afghan Parliament finally extended its term for an unknown period of time. The members of the Parliament shed sweat and blood to reach their aim of staying in power for longer, relying on several laws to apparently legalize this extension. However, it was Dr. Ramazan Bashardost who revealed that the Parliament and Arg had reached a secret deal where the Parliament voted and chose the thirteen ministers nominated by the national ‘terror’ government in a single day (in order to complete the still pending cabinet), with Arg promising the MPs an extension of their term in return.

As a person who spent several harrowing months in this lair of criminals and traitors, I am familiar with the reactionary, treacherous, and anti-people nature of the ‘national animal stable’ – calling this house of plunderers and criminals the ‘House of the People’ is a huge insult to our noble masses.

The members of this rotten Parliament can never represent our nation because they have gotten their seats through elections that was a ridiculous process ridden by fraud and bullying by the candidates. It also does not matter if a new Parliament replaces this one through another round of elections as the new members will again be warlords, mafia thugs, drug smugglers, and stooges of foreign powers. These people are selected by deals made behind the scenes and on the orders of the US embassy in Kabul, not through the vote of our people. Although for making this fictitious show a little realistic a few true representatives of the people like Bashardost are also given permission to be in the Parliament, the nature of this Parliament remains unchanged.

The presence of a Parliament and elections can never prove that democracy is dominant in a country. The first condition for the presence of democracy is independence, and Afghanistan is deprived of this. What takes place under the name of elections in our country are shameful and agonizing theatrics to give the puppet and US-installed system a legal status. After witnessing the so-called presidential elections last year, which was an infamous and ludicrous process, the people of Afghanistan now understand well that in a country that is under US domination it is the decision of John Kerry as the master of these national traitors that dictates the fate of our nation, and not the vote of the people. Those who were deceived by this ridiculous show and even got their fingers cut for voting have now learnt countless lessons after witnessing the cat and mouse games between the candidates that lasted for months. These people and many moremay never stand next to a ballot box again.

The people of Afghanistan have learned in the past fourteen years that those who claim to be the representatives of this nation are partners with Arg and their foreign masters in corruption, treachery, and crime that take place in our country. They themselves are the worst violators of law and traitors who serve the intelligence of other countries. They strangle our people under the name of representing them. Most of the women in the Parliament, who are more like decoration pieces of the Parliament rather than actual members, are also members of mafia gangs. We also saw how all of them joined either of the two presidential candidates in the previous elections whose teams comprise criminals, plunderers, and corrupt people, and served as their most devoted mouthpieces. Women like Shukria Barikzai, Fawzia Koofi, Shah Gul Rezayee, Farkhunda Nadiri, Nahid Farid, and others who joined the Parliament as showpieces endorsing ‘women’s rights’ are themselves the worst enemies of our women as they stand resolutely by the most infamous enemies of our nation. If these women had had a slight bit of sympathy for the ill-fated women of Afghanistan the condition of our women would not have been as catastrophic and tragic as it is today

I believe that the absence of this Parliament, this den of wolves, is better for our people. This house of corrupt stooges has done nothing to serve the interest of our nation, but has worked dutifully to legalize the dominance of the US and its lackeys. They are in the Parliament for its high salary and countless other privileges which are all sustained by our poor nation’s budget

We cannot expect the any benefits for our people from a Parliament where a clique of plunderers and anti-people elements sit, and the most bloodthirsty people like Sayyaf, Qanooni, Mohaqiq, Haji Almas, Mullah Tarakhel, Zahir Qadeer, Amanullah Guzar, Allah Gul Mujahid, Haji Ghafar, and Haji Qarar rule. In fact, this kind of a Parliament is the real place of the enemies of our people!

We can never have sound elections, a real Parliament, and other pro-people bodies unless Afghanistan is freed from the bloody dominance of foreign occupation and their filthy stooges namely the Taliban, Jehadis, and technocrats. Under the rule of the US and its stooges, it will be these national traitors who will push our society on a path that will only implement their foreign masters’ policies.

Malalai Joya

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