The Ruling Criminals Are the Main Reason behind Brutal Murder of Farkhunda

Written by Malalai Joya Thursday, 26 March 2015 16:59


Malalai Joya , March 26, 2015

malalai joya

The shocking brutality and the drumhead court-martial of 27-year-old Farkhunda in the heart of Kabul shocked the world and wrenched the hearts of so many. Farkhunda was accused of burning the Quran and was savagely beaten to death by a bunch of ignorant gangsters and her body was burnt publicly.

I believe the barbarism and brutality against Farkhunda was not a coincidence but rather a planned action made by the dirty religious fanatics like Sayyaf and Ismael Khan and other misogynist criminals to show their power and terrorize people especially women, reminding them of the 90s infighting among fundamentalist gangs in Kabul which killed over 70,000 people. They used a group of ignorant and emotional youth to carry out their evil goals but in reality, they were defeated badly by the unity of our people and wide protests against this inhuman act.

The real criminals of this tragedy are not rascals like Sharaf Baghlany but those sitting in presidential palace and supported by the US and its allies for 14 years. This is why the security forces and police were not merely sightseers but involved in this crime. When the interior minister is a criminal like Abdul Haq Olomi and all the important security institutions are occupied by these atrocious warlords, expecting security and freeing women from the claws of these misogynists is simply absurd.

I am thankful to my people for their wide and angry protests against the most cold-blooded cruelty. They raised their powerful united voices, showing the consciousness and awakening of their consciences. You have humiliated these religious beasts with your wrath and we should not rest until the real criminals of our Farkhundas are not on trial.

I will not give my condolences to martyred Farkhunda’s mourning family because only expressing sympathy cannot soothe their burning pain. As I have always said and I repeat, I will take revenge of the blood of the ill-fated Farkhundas of my country with reviving my oath to continue my struggle against these criminals and traitors in power and their foreign masters who are the real perpetrators of our people’s miseries. I promise the bereaved families of my homeland that I will continue my fight against these national traitors till my last breath and always stand by their side.

Farkhunda was burnt in the fire of ignorance of the fundamentalists, all the misogynist and heinous murderers should burn in the fire of our people’s rage!

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