Malalai Joya's opinion about the presidential election

Written by DCMJ Friday, 23 May 2014 00:00


It has been months since the demagogic and deafening propaganda of elections is on, and for cheating the nation, show hopeful illusions as if after elections, Afghanistan will be in bliss. From government and non-government bodies like ‘FEFA’ and ‘TEFA’ to candidates and a bunch of so-called ‘analysts’ and ‘political experts’ on US payroll, are all trumpeting this agenda. But here, the Afghan media especially those funded by the US, have sought to manipulate people’s opinion and show black as white. It was through this deceiving propaganda that they succeeded in convincing a number of oppressed people to cast their votes in hopes of change. But the grappling of candidates and evidence documenting the unprecedented fraud and bullying has neutralized this propaganda.

In my opinion this is the most ridiculous and fraudulent elections in the world. As I’ve said in the past and repeat again, elections in an occupied country with a corrupt puppet regime full of warlords and criminals can never be synced with even basic democratic principles. Secondly, in a country where the corrupt Mafias are controlling all the sections of the society, talking of “transparent elections” is deceiving oneself. We should name such ridiculous showcases as selection and not election. All of the candidates are infamous sold-outs already tested and there is not even a streak of hope.

The final analysis is that such elections never represent the people’s decisions and the commissions are never independent. In the first step, the US embassy in Kabul is holding meetings with candidates behind closed doors and they influence the results. In the 2009 elections, we all witnessed that despite the rigging of 1.5 million votes, Karzai was declared the winner. Later on, Robert Gates exposed in his book on how the US authorities fabricated elections and the votes of people had no value. Karzai, instead of prosecuting in-charges of election commissions, appointed the corruption kingpins like Dawood Najafizada as the Transport Minister and Azizullah Ludin as the Head of the Afghanistan's High Office of Oversight & Anti-corruption in Rank of Ministers. In the current selection, the commission itself confessed that 3000 of its workers have been involved in widespread fraud, but they continued with their corruption.

In the 2009 elections, Dr. Ramazan Bashardost came to meet me before his candidacy and we had serious discussions but I expressed my sympathies for his loss in advance because I knew that the US would never allow a national figure to win elections even if the whole nation vote for him. But at that time, Mr. Bashardost did not agree with me and stressed that elections would be transparent and that even if Obama cries or laughs, the one getting people’s votes will be victorious.

Luckily the loss Mr. Bashardost experienced proved the truth and this time he requested people to boycott the elections as the one chosen in White House will win even if he gets only one vote. His slogan was ‘You vote, Obama decides’ which reflected the bitter truth of our society today.

Elections in these 13 years are weapons in the hands of US occupiers and its puppets so the anti-people government is given a legal aspect. Whoever wins, the worse situation of our society will never change, and corruption, instability, poverty, misfortunes and lootings will continue. In an election where dirty criminals like Sayyaf, Abdullah, Dostum, Qutbuddin Helal, Anwari, Sarwar Danish, Ismael Khan, Mohaqiq etc. are allowed to run, is mockery of democracy. Misusing these democratic concepts and organizing these mafia ‘elections’, US and its lackeys, like many other values, give democracy a bad name.

Until there no independence and the dark shadows of mafia and blood-thirsty warlords over Afghanistan are not pierced through, we will never witness true democracy. Under the name of elections, one lackey is replaced by another and the US occupation and its puppet regime is legalized. The disastrous situation of Afghanistan will continue after whoever replaces Karzai but the sufferings of our people will only end if our people unite and struggle against the rule of foreign occupiers and the national traitors, hoisting high the flag of independence, freedom, democracy and social justice.

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