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Malalai Joya on Mornings with Margaret Throsby

Afghan politician who has been called "the bravest woman in Afghanistan."

ABC radio, November 17, 2010

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Malalai Joya: ‘No nation can liberate another’ part 1

This Saturday thousands will march against the war in Afghanistan. This week we're posting extracts from The Case for Withdrawal published by Verso. This is the first of two extracts by Afghan MP Malalai Joya.

Malalai Joya, CounterFire, November 15, 2010

Malalai Joya
Malalai Joya

There is a famous saying: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Your international solidarity is key. As always, nations are separate from the policymakers. It is the governments that are committing these war crimes. They are betraying democracy, women’s rights, and human rights, and they are betraying the truth. The mainstream media is still trying to throw dust in the eyes of democratic people around the world.

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Malalai Joya: ‘No nation can liberate another’ part 2

This Saturday thousands will march against the war in Afghanistan. This week we're posting extracts from The Case for Withdrawal published by Verso. This is the first of two extracts by Afghan MP Malalai Joya.

Malalai Joya, CounterFire, November 15, 2010

Malalai Joya in Parliament
Malalai Joya inside Afghan parliament.

This Saturday thousands will march against the war in Afghanistan. This week we're posting extracts from The Case for Withdrawal published by Verso. This is the second of two extracts by Afghan MP Malalai Joya.

My people are caught now between two powerful enemies, and they are being crushed. From the sky, the bombs of the occupation forces are falling, killing civilians. And on the ground, there is the Taliban, and also these warlords. So we have three kinds of enemies. But the withdrawal of one enemy—these US occupation forces whose government sends them to war, and also supports the corrupt mafia system of Hamid Karzai with more money and men—will make it much easier to fight the enemies that are left.

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Malalai Joya interview: Occupation making Afghan lives worse

Green Left Weekly’s Pip Hinman and Tony Iltis spoke to Joya about the occupation and its effects on her country.

Green Left Weekly, November 14, 2010

Malalai Joya in Melbourne
Malalai Joya (pictured second from left), call on the Australian government to withdraw its troops at a November 12 anti-war vigil in Melbourne. The protest included a spontaneous "die-in" and was also addressed by Chip Henriss from Stand Fast and Dr Richard Tanter at the RMIT Nautilus Institute. (Photo: Chip Henriss)

Malalai Joya is an Afghan feminist and anti-war activist who opposes the US-led occupation of her country. An opponent of both the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban and the equally fundamentalist and corrupt warlords in the US-backed regime of President Hamid Karzai, Joya was the youngest member elected to Afghan parliament in 2005. She was suspended after she said the parliament was full of warlords. Joya is touring Australia and will speak at UTS in Sydney on November 16 (see www.greenleft.org.au/calendar for details).

This year is set to become the year of the highest casualties for occupying forces since the 2001 invasion. US pilotless drone strikes, on targets in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan, are at a higher rate than ever. During a parliamentary debate on Australia’s participation in the occupation, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said Australia could be occupying Joya’s nation for a further 10 years.

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Afghan women continue to suffer despite the West

Ms Joya will discuss the Afghanistan conflict at a public lecture today at Deakin University in Burwood.

Daniel Flitton, The Age, November 13, 2010

Malalai Joya in Australia
Malalai Joya believes the solution to the Afghanistan conflict is the withdrawal of foreign troops. (Photo: John Woudstra)

THE plight of women in Afghanistan is no excuse for Western ''occupation'' of the country, a leading Afghan opponent of the war and former MP has declared.

Malalai Joya - the youngest woman elected to the Afghanistan Parliament, in 2004, who then faced death threats for her outspoken criticism of tribal warlords - said the image of Afghan women was being unfairly used to justify the foreign presence.

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اشاره به چند نکته از جوابیه آقای امان معاشر

شما میتوانستید از خیر نوشتن آن گزارش بگذرید نه اینکه مهمترین بخش آنرا تحریف و موافق «پالیسی خود» سازید

کمیته دفاع از ملالی جویا، ١٢ نوامبر ٢٠١٠ – ٢١ عقرب ١٣٨٩

پس از توضیح ما در مورد چند اشتباه عمده در گزارش آقای امان معاشر از سفر ملالی جویا به کانادا، فکر میکردیم وی متوجه اشتباهاتش شده عذرخواهی خواهد کرد و موضوع خاتمه خواهد یافت. اما جوابیه‌ای از وی در سایت «24 ساعت» انتشار یافت که ما را بازهم به اشاره به چند نکته وامیدارد.

آقای معاشر در ارتباط با اساسی ترین انتقاد ما که تحریف حرفهای ملالی جویا در پاسخ به سوال تظاهرات ونکوور و پلاکارتهایی حاوی شعار هایی بر ضد اسلام بود، با کمال خونسردی می نویسد:

«خدمت شما به عرض برسانم هر ژورنالست پالیسی خود را در نوشته اش دارد. من نمی خواستم که ماجراجویی شود.»

ادامه مطلب


Afghan politician says NATO should leave the country

Malalai Joya: Nine years of war in Afghanistan was just a disaster and it must be end

Mark Colvin, ABC News, November 11, 2010

A Woman Among Warlords

MARK COLVIN: Not even the optimists claim the war in Afghanistan is going brilliantly.

The NATO force of which Australia is a part is still there largely because of a belief that withdrawal, by bringing back the Taliban, would be even worse.

But some in Afghanistan who oppose the Taliban still think America, Britain, Australia and the other NATO allies should leave.

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Why the US Should Leave Afghanistan

An Interview with Malalai Joya, Former Afghan Member of Parliament

Miles Ashdown, Toward Freedom, November 11, 2010

Malalai Joya

Former Afghan Member of Parliament Malalai Joya, who has survived five assassination attempts, is an outspoken critic of the occupation of her country. While on a speaking tour of four cities across Canada last month, she sat down with Toward Freedom in Vancouver to discuss the state of Afghanistan.

Miles Ashdown: Ms. Malalai Joya, thank you for your time. Let’s start by talking about NATO’s occupation of Afghanistan. You’ve called for the complete withdrawal of foreign troops from your homeland. Tell me why.

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Malalai Joya speaks at a rally in Melbourne, Nov.7, 2010

Tags: Videos

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The World’s Most Powerful Feminists And Least Powerful Women

Eve Ensler Picks The World's Seven Most Powerful Feminists

Caroline Howard, Forbes, November 4, 2010

Malalai Joya
A writer and outspoken activist who, in the face of ongoing oppression of Afghan women, risked her life to courageously call out tyrannical warlords in the Loya Jurga and demand justice for the Afghan people. With great threat to her own safety, she has served in office and traveled the world to advocate for her country.

As part of the Forbes The World’s Most Powerful People package, my colleagues sought out playwright, performer and activist Eve Ensler, best known for The Vagina Monologues and founder of V-Day, to name who are the world’s most powerful feminists.

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Afghan activist sees U.S./NATO as terrorists and Obama as a “second Bush”

Joya stated future hope lies in the strengthening and expansion of a national anti-fundamentalist and democracy-loving movement

Michael Hughes, Examiner.com, November 3, 2010

Malalai Joya
Afghan activist Malalai Joya survived four assasination attempts for her bold views. (Photo: Getty)

Afghan human rights activist Malalai Joya wrote in the Guardian on Tuesday that the U.S., NATO and Karzai's government are the biggest terrorists in the eyes of the Afghan people and asserted that U.S. President Barack Obama has only brought "change" for the worse, characterizing him as nothing more than a "second Bush".

Joya, who has been called the “bravest woman in Afghanistan” and this year was named by TIME magazine as one of the most influential people in the world, had been suspended from parliament in May 2007 for, rightfully, accusing several colleagues of being warlords and unfit for service in the new Afghan government. She has survived four assassination attempts since and responded to her enemies by declaring:

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Any hope I had in the ballot box bringing change in Afghanistan is gone

If Karzai's re-election was a fraud, Obama's surge of troops brought just more violence. For Afghans he's the 'second Bush'

Malalai Joya in Kabul, The Guardian, November 3, 2010

One year ago Hamid Karzai was declared re-elected as president of Afghanistan, ending an election that had no legitimacy in the eyes of ordinary Afghans. The presidential election last year was a fraud, with ballot stuffing, vote buying and massive corruption reported by the world's media. Even if the independent election commission had not cancelled the planned run-off between Karzai and his main challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, it would have represented only a choice of the "same donkey with a new saddle". People had no incentive to participate as they knew that both main candidates would bring nothing positive for Afghan people.

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Malalai Joya (Samia's Wedding)

A short documentary by Glyn Strong

This short film by Glyn Strong, tells the story of a young rape victim in Kabul who, against all odds, found happiness.

Tags: Videos

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تصحیح لازم در گزارش آقای امان معاشر از سفر جویا به کانادا

نقاطی از گزارش کاملا مغایر بینش و اظهارات همیشگی ملالی جویا می باشند

کمیته دفاع از ملالی جویا، ٣١ اکتوبر ٢٠١٠ – ٩ عقرب ١٣٨٩

آقای امان معاشر گزارشی از سفر اخیر ملالی جویا به کانادا بنابر دعوت سازمان ضد جنگ «ائتلاف صلح کانادا»، پوهنتون «میک گیل» در مونترال، و خانم مبل ایلمور عضو پارلمان کانادا را در بعضی سایت ها به نشر رسانیده است که صرفنظر از اشتباهات فاحش املایی، نقاطی از آن کاملا مغایر بینش و اظهارات همیشگی ملالی جویا می باشند. تا به حال «کمیته دفاع از ملالی جویا» و خود جویا تلفن ها و ایمیل های زیادی حاکی از اعتراض و تاسف و تعجب نسبت به گفته های جویا دریافت کرده اند. «کمیته دفاع» از آقای معاشر خواست تا نادرستی هایی معین در گزارش را در اسرع وقت اصلاح نماید. قرار معلوم برخی دوستان ایرانی نیز اشتباهاتی را به آقای امان معاشر گوشزد کرده اند. ولی از آنجایی که وی موفق به انجام این کار نشد، «کمیته دفاع» لازم دانست تا توضيح در باره سه نکته اساسی زير را جهت رفع ابهامات پيش آمده به آگاهی برساند.

ادامه مطلب


Malalai Joya interviewed by Peter Mansbridge of CBC

On "Mansbridge One on One" program of CBC News netwrok in Canada

CBC, October 31, 2010

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