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Afghan activist urges foreign troops to leave

She steadfastly maintains that the average Afghan wants peace and democracy but will not get it from the current regime.

Reviewed by Jackie Shymanski, Winnipeg Free Press, January 9, 2010

The author of this compelling autobiography has been called one of the bravest women in Afghanistan, by media and politicians the globe over.

The very basics of her story -- being a refugee in Iran, Pakistan and even in Afghanistan, having a parent hunted by rotating regimes, being female where that instantly means being second class -- could earn her the title.

Add to it her chosen vocation -- women's rights activist, the youngest ever Afghan parliamentarian -- and her memoir offer heartbreaking insight into today's Afghanistan.

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A Voice of Resistance in Afghanistan

She is a bold spokesperson for a current of opinion in Afghanistan that is silenced by the Karzai regime and its NATO backers.

Book Review by Suzanne Weiss, Socialist Voice, January 4, 2010

A Woman Among Warlords

A Woman Among Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice, by Malalai Joya, with Derrick O’Keefe. Scribner, 2009.

Afghan social activist and writer Malalai Joya is the voice of another, hidden Afghanistan – the partisans of independence, democracy, and human rights who have no voice under the corrupt U.S.-sponsored regime of Hamid Karzai.

She has survived multiple assassination attempts for her outspoken advocacy of women’s rights and withdrawal of U.S., Canadian, and other NATO armed forces. She believes the people of Afghanistan, especially the women, can organize the struggle for fundamental rights such as health care, education, control of their bodies and their lives – but only when the foreign occupiers leave their country.

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A woman among warlords

One of the most hopeful voices to emerge out of Afghanistan is Malalai Joya

By Shea Howell, The Michigan Citizen, January 3, 2010

One of the most hopeful voices to emerge out of Afghanistan is Malalai Joya. Barely 30 years old, Joya has been called “Afghanistan’s bravest woman.” Under the Taliban she risked death by running an underground school for girls. Shortly after the U.S. invasion, at the age of 24, she ran for parliament and won. She found herself one of the few women at the first constitutional assembly. Looking around, she saw a room full of the very warlords who had engulfed her country into a civil war.

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Amid dark times, meet the most inspiring people of 2009

Inspiration Three: Evo Morales and Malalai Joya. Although they were born thousands of miles apart, these two people embody what real democracy can mean.

Johann Hari, The Independent, December 31, 2009

Malalai Joya among inspiring people of 2009
Change we can believe in: clockwise from bottom left, Evo Morales, Malalai Joya, Peter Tatchell, Liu Xiaobo, Amy Goodman, and Denis Mukwege. (Getty / PA/ EPA)

It was a dark year, 2009, sealing a dark decade. It began with the world in economic free-fall and the Gaza Strip being bombed to pieces (again). We watched the vicious crushing of a democratic uprising in Iran, a successful far-right coup in Honduras, and the intensification of the disastrous war in Afghanistan. It all ended at Brokenhagen, where the world's leaders breezily decided to carry on cooking the planet.

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'Bravest' Afghan woman MP in live link at Galway peace party

The Galway anti-war alliance says Ms Joya’s address would be transmitted live from a safe house in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Lorna Siggins, The Irish Times, December 31, 2009

A FEMALE politician described as “the bravest woman in Afghanistan” is to be guest of honour via a live link at a New Year’s Day peace party hosted in Galway.

Malalai Joya, a member of the Afghan parliament, has survived four assassination attempts and is said to be hated by the Karzai government which banned her from parliament, and by the Taliban.

She is due to speak by telephone link to the Galway Alliance Against War gathering in Galway Rowing Club at 7pm tomorrow.

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Malalai Joya: A Woman Among Warlords Book Tour

A passionate and articulate presentation

ICTV Victoria, December 22, 2009

Afghan Parliamentarian Malalai Joya spoke in Victoria recently. She revealed what is really going on in Afghanistan and it is not at all the picture relayed to us by our Corporate Media. She discusses the massive corruption of the Karzai government, the thriving opium trade, and the reasons why 'Warlord Harper' and his NATO cronies should leave Afghanistan immediately... A passionate and articulate presentation.

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"Kabul", a song by Flavio Oreglio and Dario Canossi for Malalai Joya

"The price you are now paying deserves more than a song but this is the only way we have to make people know your dreams and your story."

Flavio Oreglio and Dario Canossi, track number 2 from "GIU" album

To Malalai Joya,

We wrote the song Kabul after reading by chance an article talking about you. We took interest in your story and searched news concerning you in internet. In every line we read, we found in you the only real novelty in the new story of Afghanistan, the only sign of a possible change, the only path leading out of the dark ages.

Your bravery in facing openly power, of the Taliban and of those who sat next to you in the Loya Jirga, has filled our hearts.

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ملالی جویا و طاعون قومگرایی در افغانستان

ملالی جویا به درستی خیانت روشنفکران قومگرا را برضد یکپارچگی افغانستان کمتر از خیانت امریکا و ایران و پاکستان ارزیابی نمیکند.

پسرلی سرور، استقلال، ۱۹ دسامبر ۲۰۰۹

Joya speech in Barcelona

تا کنون در باره ملالی جویا و نظرات و مواضع او فراوان نوشته اند چه نویسندگان داخلی و چه خارجی. بدون تردید نوشتن درباره "شجاع ترین زن افغانستان"، این "خروش خشم و نفرت مردم افغانستان علیه بنیادگرایان و اربابان خارجی آنان"، به قول جان پلجر "قهرمان زن افغانستان"، و کاندید نوم چامسکی برای نوبل صلح، هنوز ادامه خواهد یافت چرا که از ضرورتی تاریخی بر میخیزد. خون افغانستان از چنگال امریکا و متحدان اروپایی و بنیادگرایان مختلف فرو می‌چکد ولی یگانه صدای علنی، نافذ، پرشور، صریح و جهانی در این میان از ملالی جویاست که نه فقط سلطه‌طلبی امریکا و متحدان و موش و پشک بازی آنها با نوکران بنیادگرای شان را هدف قرار میدهد بلکه مبارزه برای نیل به استقلال و دموکراسی در افغانستان را از مبارزه‌ی قاطع با طالبان و "جبهه ملی" و خیانت پیشگان "ائتلاف شمال" و پرچمی و خلقی جدا ناپذیر میداند. به همین جهت، ملالی جویا بین جنبش های ضد جنگ و ترقیخواه در سراسر جهان از حیثیت و محبوبیت بی‌نظیری برخوردار است که به هر فرد آگاه و شرافتمند افغانستان دلگرمی و غرور میبخشد؛ و باز به همین جهت است که در معرض کین توزی و حملات رذیلانه‌ی بنیادگرایان و روشنفکران عملا چاکر بنیادگرایان و امریکا قرار دارد.

ادامه مطلب


به مناسبت ششمین سالروز ظهور ملالی جویا در لویه جرگه قانون اساسی

از شش سال بدینسو ملالی جویا به مثابه خروش مردم «پابرهنه» افغان خواب جنایتکاران را نآرام ساخته است.

هاشم رستمی، کابل پرس، ۱۶ دسامبر ۲۰۰۹

ملالی جویا در لویه جرگه قانون اساسی

در ماه دسامبر ۲۰۰۳ در زیر بال امریکا و متحدانش تمامی قاتلان و برباد دهندگان وطن ما زیر یک سقف جمع شده بودند تا در یک لویه جرگه مسخره و فرمایشی گویا برای افغانستان قانون اساسی بسازند. افرادی گرد هم آمده بودند که سالها مسبب رنج، قتل، غارت،‌ بربادی و سیهروزی مردم ما بوده و حال یکشبه زیر سایه «انکل سام» دموکرات شده و هرکدام میخواستند در لباس فرشته های صلح خود را بر مردم ما و جهان بقبولانند.

هر افغان باوجدان و دردمند با دیدن به بازی گرفته شدن مردم و وطن ما بوسیله مشتی عناصر خاین و جنایتکار در این لویه جرگه بدون تردید مالامال از خشم میشد، اما درین میان تاریخ ۱۷ دسامبر ۲۰۰۳ بود که دختر جوانی از ولایت فراه که روزها برای بدست آوردن نوبت تلاش نموده بود، موقع یافت تا به پای مایکروفون رفته صدای دادخواهی ملتش را فریاد کند.

این دختر مبارز ملالی جویا بود که با سخنرانی دو دقیقه‌ای اش این روز را به نامش در اوراق تاریخ وطن ما رقم زد، بغض و کینه میلیونها تن از مردم رنجدیده ما را نمایندگی کرد و شجاعانه ماهیت خاینانه این لویه جرگه جنگسالاران و وطنفروشان را نه تنها در سطح کشور بلکه در سراسر جهان برملا ساخت. امروز وقتی سخن از لویه جرگه قانون اساسی به میان آید تنها چیزی به یادمانی از آن که در گوشها نجوا میکند ندای خروشان ملالی جویاست که گفت «... آزموده‌ را آزمودن‌ خطاست‌. به‌ نظر من‌ اینان بايد محاكمه‌ ملی‌ و بين‌المللی‌ شوند، اینان را مردم‌ ما اگر ببخشند، مردم‌ پابرهنه‌ افغان‌، تاريخ‌ هرگز نمی‌بخشد. اينها ثبت‌ تاريخ‌ كشور ما هستند.»

ادامه مطلب


Malalai Joya: "Afghans Are Fed Up With the U.S. Occupation and the Corrupt, Mafia-state of Hamid Karzai"

"A Woman Among the Warlords" is an explosive book that takes a scalpel to many of the illusions surrounding the US invasion of Afghanistan.

By Mike Whitney, Global Research, December 13, 2009

Malalai Joya

It's too bad Barack Obama didn't consult with Malalai Joya before giving his Nobel acceptance speech on Thursday. The ex-Afghan Parliamentarian could have helped the president to see that the ongoing US occupation is damaging to both American and Afghan interests. Afghanistan is not the "just war" that Obama defends so passionately in his speech. It's part of a larger US geopolitical strategy which Joya outlines in her new book "A Woman Among the Warlords: The extraordinary story of an Afghan who dared to raise her voice". US policymakers have decided to establish a beachhead in Central Asia to monitor the growth of China, surround Russia, control vital resources from the Caspian Basin, and provide security for US mega-corporations who see Asia as the "market of the future." It is the Great Game all over again. "Victory" in Afghanistan means that a handful of weapons manufacturers, oil magnates, and military contractors will get very rich. That's it. It has nothing to do with al-Qaida, "democracy promotion" or US national security. That's all just public relations pablum.

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Screams for justice: Waiting for a taste of real freedom

Raising My Voice is an important testimony by an Afghan — of life in war-scarred Afghanistan since the beginning of the Soviet occupation

Aditi Bhaduri, The Deccan Herald (India), Dec.13, 2009

Raising my voice by Malalai Joya Raising my Voice
Malalai Joya & Derrick O'keefe, Random House, 2009, pp 278

In September 2001, soon after the New York World Trade Centre was felled, and the winds of war began to blow over Afghanistan, an optimism strangely gripped feminists the world over. At last, the Taliban would be overthrown and the women of Afghanistan would be free! So we all thought. Operation Enduring Freedom brought in its wake much ‘collateral damage’, and the historic Loya Jirga of 2003, where a young women from the Afghan province of Farah, made headlines.

Malalai Joya boldly raised her voice against the warlords and false mujahideens who had participated in the jirga and were set to form an already decided administration. Predictably, she made enemies among the rich and powerful in Kabul but, at 27, became the youngest member of the Afghan Parliament in 2005.

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The New York Times "Sunday Book Review" about "A Woman Among Warlords"

Joya’s life has been singular and heroic.

By Marc Tracy, The New York Times, December 10, 2009

A Woman Among Warlords by Malalai Joya

The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice.
By Malalai Joya with Derrick O’Keefe.
Scribner, $25.

In this memoir, Joya, an Afghan activist and politician, bears witness to the horrific experience known as “being female in Afghanistan.” She conveys the indignity of the forced wearing of the burqa with a power that distant and abstract condemnation can never muster: “You have no peripheral vision because of the netting in front of your eyes,” she relates. “And it’s hot and suffocating under there.” Joya’s life has been singular and heroic: a covert educator of young girls in the western city of Herat, she was elected at 25 to the constitutional loya jirga of 2003. There, she gave a rabble-rousing speech — which you can and should watch on YouTube — branding the post-Taliban Afghanistan’s higher-ups, many of whom were present in the packed Kabul room, as “criminals.”

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ملالی جویا قامت بلندی بر اندیشۀ آزادی!

کوشش دو چندان خانم عزیز بر اینست که پرده‌ای ضخیم به روی جنایات جهادی های بیمایه‌ای چون احمدشاه مسعود، سیاف، ربانی ، حکمتیار و مزاری و دوستم بکشد

نعمت الله ترکانی، کابل پرس، ۹ دسامبر ۲۰۰۹

درین هفته در سایت «خاوران» دو نوشتۀ پر از عقده و سرپا مبتذل به قلم فرشته حضرتی و جوانی به نام علی میثم نظری به نشر رسیده. این جوان میثم که خیال میشود از بچه خوانده های فوزیه کوفی است تا توانسته دشنام های بی مورد به ملالی جویا حواله نموده و گفته های بی سر و ته جنگسالاران جهادی را تکرار کرده و در نوشتۀ بی مایه اش چیز تازۀ ندارد. ولی خانم فرشته حضرتی گویا چیز تازۀ را بنام اندیشه فقیر ملالی جویا طرح نموده است که قابل بحث است.

خانم حضرتی اینرا قبول دارد که ملالی جویا نام شناخته شده‌ای در میان مردم افغانستان و رسانه های بین‌المللی دارد و به شهرت جهانی رسیده است. او همچنان اشاره‌ای دارد به لویه جرگه و سخنان ملالی جویا و خشم رهبران جهادی؛ و علت فروکش کردن خشم رهبران جهادی را به خواست زلمی خلیلزاد ارتباط داده است. فرشته جان اقرار میکند که اگر وساطت زلمی خلیلزاد نمیبود ملالی جویا حتی به موطن اصلی‌اش ولایت فراه هم نمیرسید یعنی که لزومن باید ترور و سر به نیست میشد چه رسد به اینکه از همین ولایت کاندید پارلمان و نمایندگی مردمش را در پارلمان بدست آورد.

ادامه مطلب


Afghanistan’s 'Bravest Woman' Pins Hopes on USA, not Obama

Joya’s opposition to the U.S.-NATO occupation of Afghanistan began shortly after foreign troops arrived in 2001

Text: Aaron Glantz / Video: Cliff Parker, New America Media, December 9, 2009

Malalai Joya has been called “Afghanistan’s bravest woman.” When the Taliban ruled her country, she braved death, running an underground girls school. When the US military overthrew the Taliban she ran for parliament.

But that doesn’t mean she’s a supporter of the U.S. military, or President Obama’s decision to double the number of American troops in her country.

“Unfortunately, President Obama’s foreign policy is a lot like [the] criminal Bush,” she said in a sit-down in interview during a recent visit to San Francisco. “He follows war in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Pakistan.”

Tags: Videos

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The Tribune of Afghan Women and the Poor

Review of “Raising My Voice” by Malalai Joya, Rider Books.

By Andy Newman, Socialist Unity, December 9, 2009

Malalai Joya

As the hundredth British casualty this year is flown back to the UK, there is a real danger that the closing ranks behind the military sacrifice will exclude a proper debate about what the war aims to achieve.

That is why Malalai Joya’s account of her political struggle is so important. She was the youngest female MP elected to the Afghan parliament in December 2005, and has shown extraordinary courage in denouncing the warlords and gangsters that still dominate Afghan life. She was unconstitutionally excluded from the parliament in 2007, and during her time as an MP she was subjected to threats of violence, having her microphone turned off whenever she spoke, and even bombarded by plastic bottles and shoes when criticising the war criminals among her fellow MPs.

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