The LEFT condemns assassination attack on women's rights activist Malalai Joya in Afghanistan

Die Linke, March 12, 2012

Heike Hänsel and Malalai Joya at berlin Malalai Joya with Monika Knoche and Heike Hänsel at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin.

"The LEFT condemns the criminal assassination attack on the internationally renown women's rights activist and prominent critic of the ISAS troops, Malalai Joya. For years I have been responsible for her in the parliamentarian protection program in the German Bundestag, several times Joya has visited the Bundestag for political talks", says Heike Hänsel, spokes woman for economic cooperation and development politics in the LEFT Party parliamentary group. This violent attack on her office was the sixth attempt to kill Joya, two of her guards were seriously injured.

Hänsel continues:

"Today German minister for development, Dirk Niebel, is meeting members of the government and civil society in Afghanistan. On his trip Niebel has emphasized the competitive advantage of German companies, he made ways for more German investments in the country, and released 65 Million Euros for development aid.

Joya says armed men tried to storm the compound late on night on Saturday. The attackers did not get into the building but two of her guards were seriously injured and are currently in the hospital.

Joya says she was in Kabul at the time but had planned a trip to Farah soon and news of that may have leaked out. She believes the attackers thought she was in the building.

I ask minister Niebel to advocate Malalai Joya and other human rights activists in his talks with the Afghan government. These courageous activists need security and protection for their work. Those responsible for this assassination attack need to be found and brought to justice. The minister for development should primarily be concerned about the lives of civil society actors, not the competitive advantage of German companies."