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By Ian Sinclair, Published in PeaceNews, No.2513, September 2009

Malalai Joya, Raising My Voice: The Extraordinary Story of the Afghan Woman Who Dares to Speak Out (Rider & Co, 2009; ISBN 978-1846041495; 288pp; £11.99)

Raising my Voice by Malalai Joya This book – the autobiography of the remarkable Afghan activist and MP Malalai Joya – is quite simply the most passionate and devastating critique of Western intervention in Afghanistan I have ever read.

Born on the eve of the Soviet invasion in 1978, Joya spent her childhood in refugee camps in Iran and Pakistan, before returning to western Afghanistan in 1998 to secretly organise girls’ education under the Taliban. Having set up a free health clinic and orphanage following the aftermath of the US/NATO invasion in October 2001, Joya was dismayed to see a new occupation army in Afghanistan and “the fundamentalist regime of the Taliban” simply replaced by “another fundamentalist regime of warlords”, all done with the full support of the Western powers.

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