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Malalai Joya, A Brave Woman Hero of Afghanistan

By hqas, The Human Lens , March 20, 2014

malalai joya

“I started working as an activist when I was very young, grade 8. When I started working amongst our people, especially women, it was so enjoyable for me. I learned a lot from them, even though they were not educated. I didn’t know anything about politics. I learned from people who were non-educated, non-political people who belonged to a political situation. I worked with different committees in the refugee camps. I remember that in every house that I went everyone had different stories of suffering. I remember one family we met. Their baby was just skin and bones. They could not afford to take the baby to a doctor, so they had to just wait for their baby to die. I believe that no movie maker, no writer is able to write about these tragedies that we have suffered. Not only in Afghanistan, but also Palestine, Iraq… the children of Afghanistan are like those children. They fight against enemies with only stones. These kinds of children are my heroes and my heroines.” – Malalai Joya – Afghanistan

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