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UN’s commits yet another treason against our people

Malalai Joya, 15 february, 2017

rakat yar

UN, the tool in the hands of the US and West, removed Gulbuddin’s shameful name from its black list, so this international criminal can continue his crimes and brutality under the wing of the US. By removing the name of the most heinous Afghan criminal against the wishes of the majority of our people, the UN has committed yet another unforgivable treason against us. Under the beautiful guise of “peace”, they are bringing back the most savage enemies of peace and the cause of the sufferings of our nation, so they can ride roughshod on our wounded people once more.

Only some months back, Gulbuddin pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and his spokespersons shamelessly defended suicide attacks on television. How is it that the UN removed this infamous murderer from its black list, by the US’s request? Is it because the US wants to use its long-time and well-experienced agent for the last time as he nears his grave? Throughout his political life, Gulbuddin has proved that he is ready to become the chained servant of any country in return for Dollars and power. This rascal did not even hesitate to become the lapdog of the devious Iranian and Israeli government.

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