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Defense Committee for Malalai Joya


Inter-Parliamentary Union frustrated by behavior of Afghan parliament regarding Malalai Joya’s case

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Written by IPU Thursday, 14 October 2010 00:00

Resolution adopted unanimously by the IPU Governing Council at its 187th session (Geneva, 6 October 2010)

IPU, 14/10/2010

The Governing Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union,

Referring to the case of Ms. Malalai Joya, a member of the House of Representatives of Afghanistan, as outlined in the report of the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians (CL/187/12(b)-R.1), and to the resolution adopted at its 186th session (April 2010), Noting that, at its session held during the 123rd IPU Assembly, the Committee held a hearing with the leader of the Afghan delegation,

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Anger Storm of Iran Nation will smash the broken ship of wicked regime of “Governance of the Jurist”

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 09:38

Malalai Joya, Junuary.10, 2018


Since early this year we witness wave of street protests against bloodthirsty regime of Khamenei & Rouhani by masses in Iran, which spread throughout the country. This rising was promising for all freedom loving people of the world, with hope if this call of libertarian against autocratic rulers come true, and Iran can be free of clerical fundamentalists, and after four decades of bloody despotism, respectable and oppressed people of Iran can experience democracy and freedom.

The slogan of demonstrator was “Death to dictator”, “Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, we're all together”, “Loot, price increase, time of overthrow”, “We don’t need boss not leader not want bad not worse”, “Khamenei- Rouhani Enemy of people” etc. which represent the people’s pinnacle of hate and disgust from this brutish clerical regime and reflect that people of Iran have not more tolerance of despotism, ignorance and corruption, and in any condition they want to overthrow this regime.

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For one Afghan activist, her burqa is the shield allowing her to denounce corruption, Trump

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Monday, 09 December 2019 00:00

ricochet, December 09, 2019

malalai joya

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — In a school in downtown Rome on Friday (Dec. 6), the “bravest woman in Afghanistan” spoke to students about her faith, the Trump administration and the difficult legacy of four decades of war in her home country.

Despite her petite stature, political activist and women’s rights advocate Malalai Joya navigated the crowds of teenage Italian kids, making her way to the improvised classroom where she was scheduled to speak.

If it seems unexpected that one of Time’s top 100 influential people of 2011 was speaking to a boisterous group of cigarette-smoking Italian teens about the future of Afghanistan, one couldn’t tell by looking at Joya. For her, she explained, the resistance started here, with young people, whether they were in one of her underground schools for girls in Afghanistan or in the halls of this Italian high school.

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افغانستان آزمایشگاه طرح های بیهوده امریکا و چاکرانش

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021 16:38

ملالی جویا، ۳۰جدی ۱۳۹۹

روز جهانی زن، یادآورد همبستگی جهانی و پیکار زنان آگاه است

این روزها سر و صدای ایجاد دولت موقت گرم است. امریکا و چاکرانش چندین دهه است وطن ما را آزمایشگاه طرح‌های بیهوده و بسراسر ناکام شان ساخته اند. نه ایجاد دولت موقت و نه هیچ حاکمیت دیگری مشمول خاینانی که هیچ نوع استقلال ندارند، به دهل بیگانگان میرقصند و برای منافع فردی خود تگ و دو دارند، نمی‌تواند به این وضع دردناک مردم ما خاتمه بخشد. چون با در نظر داشت وحشی‌گری و مزدور بودن طالب از یک جانب و پوشالی بودن حکومت غنی از جانب دیگر، طرح هر اداره‌ای جنبه نمایشی داشته نتیجه آن یک دولت فاسد، چوبدست بیگانگان، ضد مردمی و ضد دموکراسی خواهد بود که کوچکترین مرهمی بر آلام مردم ما نخواهد گذاشت. اگر طالب تفنگ را بر زمین بگذارد به هیچ بدل می‌گردد و این را صاحبان بیرونی شان اجازه نمیدهد. گذشته از آن گروه‌های جنایتکار و آدمکش و باندهای مافیایی دیگری در کمین اند تا تحت نام‌های مختلف به بدامنی و کشتار مردم ما دامن زنند. بنا در شرایط کنونی صلح سرابی است که نباید انتظارش را کشید. تضادهای مزدوران رنگارنگ چنان عمیق است که هر نوع ایتلاف و وحدت شان موقتی و گذرا بوده و نتیجه‌اش باز هم ادامه کشتار و بر خاک و خون کشاندن مردم مظلوم ما خواهد بود. درعینحال وطن ما هنوز یکی از مراکز مهم زورآزمایی قدرت‌های جهانی است که هرکدام تروریزم را حربه‌ی موثر برای پیشتازی درین مسابقه قدرت تلقی میکنند. صلح واقعی تنها زمانی در وطن ما خواهد آمد که مردم ما متحد و همدست علیه خاینان داخلی و تجاوزکاران بیرونی برخیزند. جز این هر راه دیگری به ادامه خشونت و چور و چپاول وطن ما می‌انجامد.


Some members of German parliament announce their support to Joya

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Monday, 15 October 2007 00:00

Against Suspension of Malalai Joya From the Parliament

Berlin, October 15, 2007 (PDF version)

This letter is signed individually by the following members of the German Bundestag (Parliament) and sent to Hamid Karzai:

Kornelia Möller Kornelia Möller Bodo Ramelow Bodo Ramelow
Karin Binder Karin Binder Norman Paech Norman Paech
Klaus Ernst Klaus Ernst Heike Hänsel Heike Hänsel
Sevim Dağdelen Sevim Dağdelen Monika Knoche Monika Knoche

Honourable President Hamid Karzai,

I am writing to you on behalf of unsettling information I have received concerning the suspension of Afghan congress woman Malalai Joya from parliament in May 2007. According to the news coverage on the case of Joya I wish to denounce her dismissal from parliament as well as the recent cases of threats and harassment, persecution and attempts to silence and intimidate the outspoken female politician and women’s rights advocate Joya.

In September 2007 the Left Party parliamentary group has hosted Malalai Joya in Berlin where she took part in several podium discussions and gave a speech on the political situation in Afghanistan. The German population and media were very attentive to her case and are following Joya’s life and political work in Afghanistan carefully. Her talks in Berlin were very successful and reached a great audience.

On May 21, 2007, with a gross majority, the Parliament suspended Joya for three years and ordered the High Court to file a case against her. They also directed the Interior Ministry to restrict her movements. This means she is not allowed to travel outside Afghanistan.

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