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Extended interview of Malalai Joya with SBS

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SBS Presenter Janice Petersen spoke with Malalai Joya, a former Afghan MP, about Australia's involvement in the war.

SBS, November 18, 2010

Video on SBS website

Malalai Joya says she wants a withdrawal of troops as soon as possible.

"Then we will fight one enemy instead of two," she said.

She sent condolences on behalf of her people to those parents who "lost their sons and daughters" in Afghanistan.

"But they must raise their voice against the wrong policies of their government - democracy never comes by war, cluster bombs of white phosphorous or by massacres."

She says the warlords are already in power that is why Afghanistan is a safe heaven for terrorism and centre for drugs.

"Now they are inviting the fascist men to join the government - now the situation will be bloodier with more disasters," she said.

"[The troops] should stop arming the warlords stop negotiating with the Taliban then we will fight one enemy instead of two," she said.

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