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Anger Storm of Iran Nation will smash the broken ship of wicked regime of “Governance of the Jurist”

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Malalai Joya, Junuary.10, 2018


Since early this year we witness wave of street protests against bloodthirsty regime of Khamenei & Rouhani by masses in Iran, which spread throughout the country. This rising was promising for all freedom loving people of the world, with hope if this call of libertarian against autocratic rulers come true, and Iran can be free of clerical fundamentalists, and after four decades of bloody despotism, respectable and oppressed people of Iran can experience democracy and freedom.

The slogan of demonstrator was “Death to dictator”, “Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, we're all together”, “Loot, price increase, time of overthrow”, “We don’t need boss not leader not want bad not worse”, “Khamenei- Rouhani Enemy of people” etc. which represent the people’s pinnacle of hate and disgust from this brutish clerical regime and reflect that people of Iran have not more tolerance of despotism, ignorance and corruption, and in any condition they want to overthrow this regime.

On behalf of oppressed people of Afghanistan, I condemn the brutal move of Iran regime, against demonstrators, by killing of 20 people and detention of hundreds. I announce my support and solidarity with strugglers of justice and humanity in Iran.

I wish struggling nation of Iran will not come under false slogans of trump and his allies, against fascist government of Iran. Because foreign intervention specially USA intervention in any country, cannot bring prosperity but brutality, barbarism, killing and ruin for that country. From bad experience of oppressed countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan etc. must learn that by relaying on foreign occupation forces can’t guide to values of freedom, democracy and social justice, unless people stand with unity against oppressors under banner of progressive forces and get their own destiny. In these circumstances progressive and justice seeking forces of Iran must give hand to hand and don’t let reactionary elements and xenophiles to lead this people movement on wrong path and make it fail.

From far way I give warm hand with each of you struggling men and women of anti-Iran regime, and I salute for your courage and stability. I believe the nation, which stand with unity for its legitimate rights, will be successful. Your struggle is our struggle; your success will break the back bone of fundamentalism in the region including Afghanistan.

I totally believe that respectable nation of Iran, with all its braveness, making epics and their solidarity against fundamentalist and reformist mullahs, which doesn’t have any difference, will continue their struggle until complete destruction of this disgraceful “Governance of the Jurist” system and that day is not far when these creatures of paleolithic period will be put in the dustbin of the history.

Endless greetings.