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Let us stand by the people of Mirzawlang with solidarity and struggle!

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Malalai Joya, Augest.15, 2017


Once again, the most ill-fated and forgotten of our compatriots were brutally massacred by the Taliban and ISIS murderers. The whole country mourns again. Taliban and ISIS brutes, who kill and commit the most vicious anti-human acts with cries of “Allahu Akbar” (God is great), are the uncontrollable crusade created by colonizers and religious fascists of the region, all to attain their dark aims in the region by using them like bloodhounds.

With attacks on ethnic and sectarian minorities, these mercenaries of the infamous Pakistani, Iranian, US, and Arab countries, are attempting to sink Afghanistan into another disaster, but luckily, solidarity across the country against this conspiracy of national traitors shows that our people have gained this awareness to not easily fall into this trap of colonialism and reactionary, even though their wing is broken and they cannot fly to the peaks of freedom and justice just yet.

The main cause of the current bloodshed in our country is the corrupt government of criminals and lackeys of foreign countries, who have been fighting each other over power and money for the past three years, and have not resolved the smallest hardships of our people. This government officially sold our country to the US under the name of “securing stability and ending the war”; then welcomed Rocket-yar (Gulbuddin Hekmatyar), this most bloodthirsty mercenary of foreign powers, under the name of “peace”, and built him a palace on the graves of 70,000 Kabulis. The result today is disaster after disaster, punishing the poorest strata of our society.

The traitors who have been crying about “defending people” for the past few months under the banners of “protection and stability”, “alliance and liberation”, “people’s unity”, “people’s axis”, and others, and threatened with the “uprising of millions”, have practically hidden in their burrows in the face of a few incapable Taliban, and the scathing pain of the innocent people of Mirzawlang has no importance for them. Sayyaf, Mohaqiq, Atta, Dostum, Qanooni, Daudzai, Spanta, Nabil, Ismail Khan, Saleh, Zahir Qadeer, Yaseeni, and a gang of traitors and plunderers who have been riding roughshod over our people for seventeen years, are the cause of the wave of terrorism and destruction ongoing in our country, and become the representatives of the people only when bargaining for more power in the government.

The people of Afghanistan will not be deceived by these sellers of religion, ethnicity, and politics, and must gain this awareness that unless they do not organize and unite, regardless of ethnic, regional, linguistic and sectarian divisions, this misfortune and pain will not end.

While mourning with my Sare Pul compatriots in their immense sorrow, I promise the mothers and fathers of Mirzawlang that I shall continue my struggle till the day we see the rise of the sun of independence, freedom, democracy, and justice in our suffering country.