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“It is a mistake to test those already tested”

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Malalai Joya, 18 december, 2016

malalai joya

Exactly thirteen years ago, on December 17, 2003, I raised my voice for the suffering people of Afghanistan, against the ruling warlords in the Loya Jirga, and cried that “It is a mistake to test those already tested”. At that time, my words were not acceptable for some people, but after all these years, today the worsening situation of our bleeding homeland, has practically proved that the presence of tested traitors cannot bring prosperity to a nation.

I raised my voice in a place where the most bloodthirsty elements, who only spoke with guns against their critics, were running the event. Few people had the courage to state the truth. But I knew that one, no matter what the situation, has to forego their life and act against the current to pass on consciousness to other and show them the way. I accepted the risk of fulfilling this task.

The root cause of the current catastrophe is the occupation of our country by the US and its allies, and the imposition of the filthiest criminals of our history on our people through the Bonn Conference. The presence of criminal warlords, technocrats, and a bunch of sold-out intellectuals has led to our country becoming the center of mafia, corruption, drugs, terrorism, and intervention of despotic governments of the region. The list of our people and society’s sufferings is so long that I cannot shorten them here.

In these years, traitors such as Sayyaf, Mohaqiq, Dostum, Khalili, Ismail, Karzai, Fahim, Rabbani, Qanooni, Atta, Bismillah, Abdullah, Farooq Wardak, Sherzoi, and other traitors have used their power to loot and sink our country into unprecedented corruption. They have put up our country and people for sale for foreigners.

I have staunchly stood by my promise to my homeland and people and am happy to see that I was alone in 2003 when I called for the prosecution of warlords, but today, fortunately, this demand is raised from every nook and corner of our homeland. People have practically seen that till the hands of these traitors and killers and stooges are not cut off from our homeland, Afghanistan will not see peace, freedom, justice, and prosperity.

Let us break the meaningless regional, tribal, lingual, religious and sectarian barriers, and unite as one against foreign occupiers and their internal agents, and raise our voice for justice because there is no other way to rescue our woeful homeland and people.