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The US and its lackeys have soaked our country in blood

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Malalai Joya, 15 october, 2016

malalai joya

Two years back, when the National “terror” Government signed the sell-out document of Afghanistan with the US, all the traitorous spokespersons of the government and analysts trumpeted this agreement to bring security and prosperity for the nation. They deceived our nation with this nonstop propaganda. Those days, the constant warnings of conscious and progressive elements were ignored.

Today, the result of this agreement with the US and NATO, and fifteen years of occupation can be seen in the blood and tears of the people of Kunduz, Farah, Helmand, and the ill-fated people in other parts of the country. What was the result of the US and NATO presence for our people? Our country has become the hotbed of superpowers; massacres and suicide attacks and bombardments constantly hit us; Taliban terrorists are stronger than ever before; ISIS, the most bloodthirsty force of this century is emerging here; shameful deals with murderous warlords like Gulbuddin have been made; our society has descended into corruption, mafia, destruction, and thousands of other catastrophes. The poverty, unemployment and drug addiction has forced our hopeless youth to leave the country in clusters.

The National “terror” Government, as was predictable, reacted indifferently to the ongoing bloodshed in the country. Kunduz province is bleeding profusely, and the government has appointed a governor who shares the mentality of and is partner-in-crime with the ignorant Mullah Omar. Assadullah Omarkhel is shamelessly calling the killing of the people, God’s order, and whitewashing the Taliban’s bloody crimes.

There is enough evidence to conclude that the government and its US masters have a hand in driving our country towards instability and are handing over parts of our country to the medieval Taliban. These battles kill civilians and the low-ranking police and army people who are used as cannon fodder in this war.

Our country has practically become the center of the rivalries of the US and its allies with Russia and China. A dark future threatens of our country as we see witness what Syria has become today. At one time, it was the despotic Pakistani government that had terrorists under its wings. Today, the murderous Iranian regime is supporting a section of the Taliban and using them as their hounds, and there are indications that even Russia, China, and India are investing in these terrorist groups so they can use these brutes for their aims.

Kunduz, Farah, and Helmand are practically in the hands of Taliban and the officials of these provinces are surrounded in their offices, but the government is shamelessly lying to the nation and portraying the situation to be under control.

The media is giving glimpses of the misery of the people of Kunduz, but my contact with the people of Farah show that the situation is more disastrous there, and the government and media is ignoring it completely. Many people have been displaced to the desert and mountains and suffer from hunger, homelessness and other hardships.

I feel the pain of my suffering compatriots all over Afghanistan as my own pain and mourn with them. I see our freedom from this disastrous situation in one thing only: consciousness, solidarity and struggle. Unless the Tajiks, Hazaras, Pashtuns, Uzbeks, Nooristanis, Pashayee, Balochi, and Hindus, don’t unite against the traitors of these tribes and religions and their foreign masters, under the banner of independence, freedom, justice, and democracy, this homeland will not become our homeland.