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Orlando Massacre, Outcome of US Terrorist-Fostering Policies

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Malalai Joya, 15 June, 2016

malalai joya

I strongly condemn the tragic attack on LGBT nightclub in ‪‎Orlando‬, Florida by a man of Afghan descent, and mourn with the families of the victims. The people of ‪ Afghanistan‬ have continuously witnessed the loss of their loved ones in the past four decades, who have been killed by the inhumane ‪‎fundamentalists‬, ‪‎extremism‬, and the blind bombings of the US and ‪NATO‬, and we feel the pain of such atrocities deeply.

The several killings in different cities of the US are the result of the treacherous and terrorism-promoting policies of the US government which has now spread to the US itself. The US government has exported death and sorrow to poor countries for the past few decades, and supported and funded the most bloodthirsty and ignorant elements in these countries.

The people of Afghanistan have been victims of terrorism and barbarism perpetrated by the US government and its local hounds for the past forty years. Gulbuddin ‘Rocket-yar’ is one of the products of the US who is on the terrorist blacklist but has been invited to join the evil ring of the mafia Afghan government without the least bit of accountability. Monsters such as the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ‪ISIS‬ are among other gifts of the West to our people.

Our people will not forget that Mullah Rahmatullah Hashemi, spokesperson of the murderous Taliban regime, was not put on trial but was dressed in a suit and tie and accepted at Yale University. Nor will they forget how a traitorous man from Jamiate Islami party, Qadeer Fitrat, who was behind the biggest financial scandal of our country’s history in Kabul Bank, was given asylum in the US with bags of dollars without facing prosecution or punishment.

The US is not only supporting traitors and murderers in Afghanistan, but has also given such ignorant people an open hand in its own soil. These supporters of terrorism use their television programs to comfortably propagate and spread their dark mentality among the youth in the US. For instance, the TV channel ‘Payam-e-Afghan’ is being run by a suit and tie wearing fundamentalist named Omar Khitab, and people like Simeen Omar and Ishaq Nigargar have been running stupefying TV programs for years now, sowing extremism and ignorance in the minds of youngsters. The time has come for the people of the US to protest against these television terrorists and shut down their religious shows.

‪Terrorism‬ and fundamentalism are dangerous viruses which have no country, race, or religion, and target humanity everywhere. The people of the US should know that if they do not rise against this anti-people system of their country, darker and bloodier days are awaiting them.

We want the people of the US, who suffer, like us, from the oppressive, colonialist and anti-people policies of their governments, to join the justice-seeking forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syrian, Yemen, Libya, and other countries destroyed by the White House, so that together we can rescue the world from fundamentalism, war, and savagery.