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Thieves and murderers are preaching ‘stability’ and ‘protection’!

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Malalai Joya , Junuary 17, 2016

Malalai Joya

The traitors of Karzai’s corrupt cabinet, who have lost some of their power and looting capabilities, have this time gathered in ‘Council of Protection and Stability in Afghanistan’. This rotten council is comprised of criminal and corrupt people like Sayyaf, Qanooni, Bismillah Khan, Ismail Khan, Arghandiwal, Rahim Wardak, Omar Daudzai, Sadiq Modabir, Rauf Ibrahimi, and others, who have raised hue and cry these days to portray themselves as nationals. These rascals are whining about the current situation, while they themselves have brought this dark situation upon our homeland and people.

Our people have witnessed the union of these factional leaders time and again. These unions are made for the ominous interest of these factions, and for personal and financial gains, but they label their devious unions with patriotic names. But now even the rocks of this country will testify that these traitors and lackeys are behind the disastrous situation of the country today. These traitors have ruled over our people for the past few decades, with the support of their foreign masters, committing treacheries, crimes, bullying, corruption, oppression of women, drug smuggling, grabbing of lands, and other such actions.

The traitors are each agents of different countries and all of them are constantly fighting each other for better positions, therefore their unions usually do not last very long, breaking up after a few days. Also, because our nation is not behind these people, they have to rely on bullying, using their dollars, and the support of their foreign masters to extend their shameful lives.

There is no difference between the current corrupt mafia government, and the puppet regime of Karzai, and all the heads of the current council are led by Hamid Karzai behind the scenes. They are all traitors that have sunk our country in a quagmire of occupation and terrorism, corruption, insecurity, and misfortunes, and are the real causes of the instability, horrors, and barbarism in our country.

Till the time people like Sayyaf, Qanooni, Bismillah, Ismail, Arghandiwal, Rahim Wardak, Daudzai, Mudabir, Ibrahimi, Karzai, and other damned people of our history, are ruling over our nation, this country will not see happiness and peace. We should join hands to throw these people where they belong, in the bins of history.