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Let’s Unite Against the Wave of Barbarism!

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Malalai Joya , November 16, 2015

kunduz in the hands of the Taliban

I, in my turn, condemn the terrorist attacks of Paris which resulted in the death of more than 140 people. I express my condolences to the people of France. Now that Paris and Europe is in shock, I would like to remind some points to the Western people once more.

We Afghans have been witnessing such sorrow every moment for more than four decades now and everyday our children and loved ones are getting beheaded and killed in the most horrific ways by those who have been directly or indirectly supported and funded by the Western governments and especially France.

class="all">What you experienced today is the result of nourishing and funding the most ignorant fundamentalist groups who have been trained as wild dogs by the US and the West for their strategic interests. However, terrorism does not recognize limits and boundaries, therefore those savage forces who have mourned Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and other countries are continuously targeting their masters as well.

The French government at the beginning supported the warlords of Northern Alliance (Shura-e-Nezar) under the leadership of Ahmad Shah Masoud with all its strength and then it armed and funded this brutal group which resulted in the massacre of over 70000 innocent people during the civil war in Kabul in the early 90s. Also in the past 15 years, under the occupation of Afghanistan by the US and NATO, France played a key role in bombing our villages due to which at least 250,000 Afghans have been killed with millions displaced. Taliban and ISIS terrorists have become powerful more than any time leading Afghanistan to a worst situation than the dark Taliban era.

French government’s intervention in Iraq, Syria and other war-torn countries resulted in the total destruction of their infrastructure and in the death and displacement of millions. ISIS as the most inhuman barbaric force in the modern history is the product of the US, England, France, Israel and their ally country’s treacherous policies.

I have repeatedly told to people and especially the justice loving forces of the West that they should put pressures on their warmongering and terrorist-fostering governments to stop supporting fundamentalist groups, because this fatal virus will infect their own land well. The wave of refugees and the terrorist attacks in the European cities is just the start, if the Western nations don’t rise against their inhumane governments, they may face even darker days.

Imperialist and warmongering countries headed by the US, have turned the world into a barbaric place with their evil and bloody policies. If the justice-loving people of the world will not unite against them our planet will lead to odious days than the WWII.

Fundamentalism and imperialism as the two sides of a coin, are the prime enemies of humanity. If we don’t unite today against these epidemic disease, tomorrow will be too late.