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Brutal stoning of Rokhshana by Taliban

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Malalai Joya , November 9, 2015

kunduz in the hands of the Taliban

The mock trial of 19-year-old Rokhshana and her brutal stoning by Taliban fascist has once again proved to the people of the world that the ill-fated women of our country are still burning in an inferno of Islamic fundamentalism and misogyny. The unforgettable crime against Farkhunda was still playing in the minds of our people like a nightmare when the savage attack on Rokhshana wrenched the hearts of all our people. Had Farkhunda’s murderers been prosecuted, Roskshana would not have been martyred in this horrifying manner today.

In the dictionary of the ignorant fundamentalists ‘love is forbidden’ and a lover is to suffer. This is while they are themselves involved in massive immoral and dishonorable actions.

When attorneys and judges from a rotten judicial organ of a government headed by two deceitful traitors shamelessly rape imprisoned women, and the worst violators of human rights are placed in key government positions, how can we expect that justice and women rights be secured by them?

My suffering sisters and brothers,

Remember that Farkunda and Rokhshana are not the first and last victims of the bloodthirsty violence of fundamentalists. If we do not unite and organize ourselves with consciousness, our beloved sisters and mothers will be disgraced and murdered callously every day.

The history of many nations proves that the key to the freedom of women from such catastrophe is in their own hands. Let us rise against fundamentalism and their external masters otherwise our country shall not see the light of happiness, peace, and prosperity.