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Salutations to the noble heroines of Kobani!

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Malalai Joya , october 31, 2015

kunduz in the hands of the Taliban

November 1st coincides with the Global Day for Kobani. The uprising of the struggler women of Kobani, the heroic resistance against the ISIS brutes, and the sacrifices given by the Kurdish people, has been written across the pages of the history of mankind in golden letters. It is the duty of every individual and force that believes in humanity, freedom, and democracy, and struggles against reactionary and fundamentalism, to support and stand in solidarity with the brave men and women of Kobani and Rojava.

The fighters of Kobani are not alone in this great struggle for justice against the most savage gang of ignorant and criminal beings. I warmly shake your strong hands on behalf of the suffering women of Afghanistan and stand by you. The fight in Kobani against the terrorism and anti-human thoughts of ISIS is in reality a part of the struggle of the people of Afghanistan who have been suffering from this deadly virus for the past four decades.

Kobani is the exemplary unconquerable fortress of humanity for the fighters of justice and freedom all over the world. Kobani proves to the world that if women rise up with consciousness and a strong will, no power, no matter how much of a powerful backing of superpowers and rich countries it has, is capable of standing in the way of their epic struggle and determination.

Malalai Joya

Kabul – Afghanistan