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A Heroic Mother

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Malalai Joya, September 14, 2014

Malalai Joya

Today my heart bleeds for loss of Bibi Gul, a bereaved Afghan mother who was a real inspiration to me. Bibi Gul passed away today (Sep.14, 2014) in Kabul due to severe cancer.

She was a symbol of suffering Afghan mothers. She lost six sons... in the past three decades of war and conflict in Afghanistan. She grew up sons, who were true defenders of justice and democracy in Afghanistan. Two of her sons were killed by Russian puppet regime in early 80’s. Four sons of Bibi Gul disappeared in Pakistan, later found that they have been abducted by terrorist fundamentalists and killed. During the anti-Russian war in Afghanistan, Pakistan was a killing ground for progressive and anti-fundamentalist Afghan intellectuals. Her sons were among tens of such great elements brutally killed by the US-supported fundamentalist groups.

Among them, Mahmood and Mirwais were only 13 and 16 when abducted by terrorist band of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in Peshawar by direct assistance of Pakistani ISI. Bibi Gul worked hard day and night for the past twenty years to find them, but no success; they were probably killed in Shamshatoo camp where the Islamic Party of Gulbuddin had its dreaded prison for elimination of open-minded anti-fundamentalist Afghans.

Bibi Gul was like a mother to me, she was a nice compassionate woman. I have many great memories of the great mother which will be with me forever as an inspiration for the cause of justice.

Bibi Gul is no more among us, but I vow to continue her path and will never stop struggle for realizing of the glorious path, for which she and her sons dedicated their life.

Malalai Joya