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Malalai Joya in the First Middle East Women’s Conference in Turkey

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Defense Committee for Malalai Joya، June 30, 2013

Malalai Joya speaking in the conference

From May 31 to June 4, 2013, Malalai Joya attended the First Middle East Women’s Conference organized by DÖKH, a Kurdish women’s movement.

The conference was held in Diyarbakir, one of the Kurdish-dominant provinces of Turkey with the participation of 450 representatives from women institutions in 26 countries and dedicated to the memory of Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan, Leyla Şaylemez, who were brutally murdered in Paris.

Joya was one of the key speakers of the conference and spoke about the current situation in Afghanistan, especially the terrible conditions of women.

She said,

“People of the world should know that the US and NATO are on Afghan grounds for their own strategic, political and economic goals. After 9/11 attacks, US occupied our country under the slogans of democracy, peace and women’s rights and are now trying to legalize their military bases to control Central Asia and remain a threat for its rivals in the region.”

Malalai Joya speaking in the conference

Malalai believes the root cause of the catastrophic situation of Afghan women is the presence and dominance of reactionary and criminal fundamentalists who were created and nurtured by the West lead by CIA during the Cold War in Afghanistan and other regions. Furthermore, these infamous fundamentalists were funded and armed by the despotic regimes of Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Without struggling against fundamentalist fascism and creating a democratic and secular society, women can never achieve equality and their rights and our people can never breathe in a peaceful atmosphere.

She elaborated,

“Imperialism and fundamentalism going hand in hand want to lead the world into war and barbarism. Despite the deafening slogans of US against war on terror and Al-Qaeda, the West overthrew the Qaddafi’s dictatorial regime in Libya and brought fundamentalist terrorists of Al-Qaeda in power and is now implementing the same plan in Syria to remove the current autocratic regime and install an even more rotten and puppet government. ”

Joya giving  interview with Turkish media

In her talks she mentioned that the fascist Turkish government has proved their enmity with the Afghan people many times. She spoke about the unconditional support of Turkish government to the terrorist Gulbuddin earlier and now to the bloody Junbish-i-Milli party and its criminal leader Abdul Rashid Dostum is welcomed by Erdoğan’s regime like a bride in groom’s home. She added that the Afghan-Turk schools launched by the Turkish government are in fact Talib-making factories thriving to raise our children with religious fundamentalism ideologies and create dirty elements and train lackeys.

She emphasized that any Islamic or non-Islamic government supporting the criminal and corrupt leaders, are our people’s enemies.

Joya addressed a large number of Iranian women in this gathering and said that the path to liberation of enslaved countries from the chains of fascism and ignorance isonly in the hands of people and by supporting the democratic and progressive forces can they create a just society. The so-called humanitarian US interference or of any other foreign power in Iran would only bring even darker days than the blood-thirsty theocratic regime.

Naming several struggling and martyred women of Kurdistan, she said we should learn from their extensive and brave freedom-loving and democracy-seeking struggles and be inspired by the sacrifice of these martyred women.

Malalai expressed her solidarity to Kurdish friends and supporters saying, “I would feel honored if my presence hereon behalf of people of Afghanistan marks the emergence of solidarity and unity of Kurdish strugglers and progressive forces. The solidarity of struggling women should not be limited to a formality framework rather we should fight against fundamentalism and imperialism in an organized, honest and staunch manner. This solidarity and bond should create a front against the war-mongering occupiers and their reactionary lackeys in the region especially when we see that our enemies are united against us. ”

Joya giving  interview with Turkish media

Joya believes that fascist regimes are like paper palaces that if masses rise, they will simply shred off in the air.

During the conference, Joya met with representatives of other countries and asked for their support to the oppressed Afghan women. Indian and Brazilian representatives promised to invite her to their own countries.

At the end of the conference, Joya, along with other politically active women, attended the trial of some courageous women who had been jailed for years because of struggling for their own rights. The response of these women to the judge’s questions was very inspiring and enlightening. She expressed her solidarity to these imprisoned women by raising her hand in victory.