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Malalai Joya's Message of Solidarity to SIPC2012

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I wished to raise my voice together with you against war-mongering and for peace.

Swan Island Peace Convergence 2012, September 16, 2012.

Malalai Joya

I wished to raise my voice together with you against war-mongering and for peace. The black clouds of war are overshadowing our earth. The US, depending upon the dirtiest fundamentalists forces such as Al-Qaeda and its likes have pushed Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan into disaster and deviated the uprisings against fundamentalism and dictatorship by handing the leadership to their fundamentalist lackeys; and are now in the process of destroying Syria too. On these bases, struggling against US interference in other countries for whatever excuses, is an indispensable duty of every justice-seeking and freedom-loving individual because with US meddling, the people confront two enemies: the killing machine of the US and its fundamentalist allies, two full catastrophes.

US makes false claims of withdrawing by 2014 but their military and intelligence bases will remain so they can suppress every freedom-loving and independent-seeking movement and I believe that no country is independent with US bases on their grounds.

Reviewing the history of just a decade of the US shows that they paid no heed to the millions of US people’s voices against war despite their disgusting banners of freedom and democracy. But neither the US nor any of its allies can continue overlooking people’s anti-war movements. The hatred and anger of people of the world against US aggressive policies and terrorism of the fundamentalists will reach its climax one day. One of the tactics of the US is to ignore anti-war cries so people lose hope in their futile efforts but freedom-loving people should persist on struggle to turn into a power similar to Vietnam War that US cannot ignore.

These anti-war protests in the US and other Western countries is very heart-warming for independent-seeking and anti-fundamentalist forces in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and other countries facing these demonic powers. A day when these fists will truly unite they can contain every war-mongering force including the US and strongly and unwaveringly declare enough is enough!

My Australian brothers and sisters, please do not forget that all your anti-war efforts is highly valuable for enslaved Afghans and Iranians. In the end, allow me to raise the slogan: Long live the solidarity of people all over the world against US war-mongers and its fundamentalist accomplices!

Wish you success