Malalai Joya interview with CNN: US/NATO Get OUT of Afghanistan!

Written by CNN Wednesday, 28 October 2009 13:11


CNN, October 28, 2009

Joya speaks against US occupation of Afghanistan in her interview with CNN.

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Malalai Joya is the author of "A Woman Among Warlords." She is joining us now. She's also a member of the Afghan parliament who was actually suspended for speaking out. Joining us from New York this morning. Thanks for being with us. Tell us what happened. How did you get suspended from parliament?

MALALAI JOYA, AUTHOR: Because of telling the truth as most of these warlords, drug lords criminal after 9/11 tragedy, they are replaced with Taliban with the mask of democracy. They come in power. And more than 80 percent member of parliament are war lords, drug lords, criminals. As I exposed their crimes, I said the truth. I never compromise with them and I was woman and that's why I was expelled from parliament which was quite an illegal act. Despite international condemnation, they do not allow me to be back to the parliament. And only this is enough to know about democracy and terror in Afghanistan.

COLLINS: What sort of support do you get from the people of Afghanistan? You mention one of the reasons that you were suspended is because you are female. That's what the book is about. Again, the name of that book "A Woman Among Warlords." Do you get a lot of support? Do people want you there representing them?

JOYA: Yes, people support me because I said the truth. The first causality is the truth because most of my people are against occupation. Now we are squashed between two powerful enemies. From the sky, occupation forces bombing and killing innocent civilians under the name of Taliban. Most of them are women are children. On the ground Taliban and these warlords, these fascist people, continue to commit crimes against my people. So that's why now my people day by day stand up against occupation and what I'm saying that I'm against occupation and we are struggling for democracy for woman rights, human rights and that's why people support us.

And the reason that I'm alive today despite all of these risks that I have quite a normal life changing safe house to safe house and many assassination attempts against me. But because of a strong support of these people that I am alive today.

COLLINS: Again, occupation would certainly be your word. A lot of people would take great issue with you calling the U.S. presence in Afghanistan in your country an occupation. So I guess I'm wondering, when you look at the problems of your country by way of moving forward and by way of defending the Afghan people on your own, what are some of the ideas that the people of Afghanistan talk about? It's been a very difficult road to hoe.

JOYA: You know, as I said we're squashed between two powerful enemies. To fight against one enemy is much easier instead of two. If these occupations force us to leave Afghanistan and their government to stop all these warlords and also Taliban, my people, their message to Mr. Obama is that a friendly honest for my people first of all to stop the warlords support Democratic minded people of my country. End this occupation which is on innocent civilians. At least put criminal Bush to the international criminal court for the war crimes that he committed and apologize to my people.

COLLINS: Are the Afghan security forces able to defend the Afghan civilians?

JOYA: You know, if they let us a little bit in peace then we know what to do at our destiny. By presence of thousands of troops in Afghanistan, there are millions of Afghans that suffer from injustice, insecurity, corruption, joblessness, et cetera, thereby the resistance of people increasing. And this is a big hope. If they do not leave Afghanistan, as no nation can donate liberation to another nation. And they are not honest for my people, supporting the enemies of my people.

The passage of time they will face more resistance of my people. You see, even in Kabul, there is no security and there are today also many civilians and foreign troops that have been caught. Even U.N. office has been attacked. So as long as these foreign troops are in Afghanistan, the civil war will be while these troops are under their own policy.

COLLINS: Of course the Taliban did -- of course the Taliban claiming responsibility for that attack at the U.N. that you mentioned. Certainly a lot of issues to continue to be working on. Malalai Joya, we sure do appreciate your time today. Thank you.

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