Indecent attack on Malalai Joya at the Afghan Parliament

"Prostitute! Lets Rape Her..."

This report was sent by an Afghan Journalist from Kabul. Due to Security concerns, we do not publish his name
May 9, 2006

Movie Clip
Movie Clip of Joya's speech and attack on her
(May 7, 2006)

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On Sunday May 7, 2006, while members of the Afghan parliament were preparing to discuss the new national budget, Commander Almas, a warlord, was allowed to talk about the anniversary and achievements of April 28th, the day that holy warriors Mujahidin - seized power from the Afghan communist regime and initiated a bloody civil war among various Mujahid groups. Other commanders praised the importance of April 28th in Afghan history as well.

Ms. Joya, who interestingly was given a chance to talk without interruption this time, made a comment to a warlords statement who simply considered the brutal and criminal atrocities during the Mujahidin regime as mistakes. Ms. Joya commented, There is a big difference between mistakes and crimes. She declared, There were two types of Mujahidin one who were really Mujahidin, and the second who killed tens of thousands of innocent people and used the holy war of Afghans against the Soviet Union as a motive to gain power and destroyed our country. As soon as Ms. Joyas speech was over, a woman MP, Parwin Durani, who was granted a seat in the parliament as a representative of Afghan Nomads with the help of Saudi Wahabis, as well as Qazi Nazir, a commander of Rabbanis Jamiat-e- Islami gang, - an Islamic Afghan Party which was in power during the civil war period, and Ms. Safora Niyazi, an executive member of Jamiat e Islami in Mazar e Sharif (a northern Afghan City) and Malalai Esaqzai from Qandahar the unofficial capital of Taliban, all hurled water bottles at Ms. Joya and attacked her.

Noorzea AtmarMalalai IshaqzaiParwin DuraniSafora Niazi
4 dirty pro-warlords MPs who attacked Joya in the parliament
from left to right:
Noorzia Atmar, Malalai Ishaqzai, Parvin Durrani and Safora Niazi

Instantaneously, some warlords started insulting her by using a foul language, calling her a Prostitute and ordering their followers to rape her. Some other bearded warlords yelled at Ms. Joya and called her a communist as well as accusing her of being a member of RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan). The warlords also threatened to rape and kill her, which was confirmed by Ms. Shukriya Bakzai, a woman MP from Kabul while she was being interviewed by Tolo T.V. According to another parliament member, a famous warlord Rasul Sayyaf ordered someone to wait by the door and knife Ms. Joya as she walked out. However, the well-respected MPs who were well aware of the situation formed a human ring around Ms Joya and called for security forces. They stood up strongly against warlords and defended Ms. Joyas remarks, as well as the humanity and the dignity of Afghan people and the Afghan Parliament.

Rabbani and Sayyaf, two wanted gang leaders, unsuccessfully tried to use the Joyas speech as a reason to discus her status in the parliament instead their own atrocities that they committed underneath the name of Islam and Jihad. However, they failed because the members of parliament who do not agree with the warlords and are the true representatives of the Afghan people left after the attack happened.

In addition, MPs who supported Joya have been threatened to death. For example, Mr. Qazizada a MP from Herat, a western city in Afghanistan, told Joya on the phone that if he were killed, he would be killed by Ismail Khans follower. Moreover, a Kabul based Journalists Association claimed that they have received death threats because of the press conference they held for Ms. Joya after she was attacked by warlords.

Attention: The Defense Committee for Malalai Joya has received news that a great demonstration was held in Farah province to support Malalai Joya. The complete reports and pictures from this demonstration will be available soon. In addition, Malalai Joya's office is receiving hundreds of phone calls from her supporters who express their support and sympathies.