Indecent attack on Malalai Joya at the Afghan Parliament

Former warlords in Afghanistan’s parliament hurled water bottles and rushed at Malalai Joya on May 7, 2006, after she accused them of being involved in the deaths of thousands of people. (details...)

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Malalai Joya speaking in the Parliament on May 7, 2006

Joya, giving her speech in the Afghan Parliament, “There were two types of Mujahidin — one who were really Mujahidin, the second who killed tens of thousands of innocent people and who are criminals”.

Sayyaf, Rabbani and Farooqi

Sayyaf (left), leader of Islamic Unity Party, Rabbani (middle), leader of Islamic Society Party (Jamiat-e Islami-ye Afghanistan), and Khalid Farooqi (right) from Islamic Party, are three leaders of criminal parties, who destroyed our country, were in the front of all other criminals who leapt from their seats and started yelling and insulting Joya. These three wanted leaders were encouraging other warlord MPs to stand up against Joya.

Joya answers the abuses against her

Joya arguing with some Jehadi women who attacked her.

Haji Almas, a criminal warlord MP shouting against Joya

Commander Haji Alam (people call him Black Alam), a warlord from the North, was the first person who stood up against Joya’s speech at the Parliament. He is a famous criminal who is obviously scared from a brave young girl’s speeches that expose his true intentions.

Joya is being protected by police and like-minded MPs

After Joya received death threats, a parliament member heard that Sayyaf was telling one of his colleagues’s to wait by the door and knife Ms. Joya as she walked out. Security forces and some parliament members guarded after the incident.

Women police protect Joya

Woman police still guard Joya during break times at the parliament

Shokuria Barakzai, MP

In an interview with Tolo TV, Shukria Barakzai, said “Yesterday, unfortunately, [she] was insulted terribly, threatened to death and to be raped. No MP has the right to yell and scream on another MP in such a way.”

Sayyaf, giving his speech against Joya in the Afghan Parliament, again exploiting the religion of Islam, claimed, “in a session, if our religion is mocked, it is written in the Holy Quran that Allah, will not allow the followers of Islam to be in the presence of such an environment.”

Sayyaf, most wanted jehadi leader

Sabrena Saqeb, MP

During her interview with Ariana Television, Sabrina Saqib, an Afghan MP said, “Unfortunately, horrible abuses were thrown at Ms. Joya, and some acted really in an abusiveness way, however, her speech was not offensive at all to the religion of Islam, or those who fought in the Holy War against the Soviet Union. Many Afghans know that some people for their own interests and benefits used Jihad and Islam.”

Noorzea Atmar Malalai Ishaqzai Parwin Durani Safora Niazi

4 dirty pro-warlords MPs who attacked Joya in the parliament
from right to left:
Noorzia Atmar, Malalai Ishaqzai, Parvin Durrani and Safora Niazi

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