AFGHANISTAN: An Afghan lawmaker's troubles

Did Malalai Joya get kicked out of parliament for demanding progress, or standing in the way? LINDSAY HOLMWOOD talks to her for an asap podcast.

The Associated Press, Oct.11, 2007
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Malalai Joya in Press Conference in Kabul on May 21
Malalai Joya

Malalai Joya was kicked out of the Afghan parliament -- and got numerous death threats -- after calling the body a "stable" or "zoo" and its members "animals."

Were her criticisms of fellow lawmakers legitimate, or was she simply ignoring a reality of politics in Afghanistan -- that progress can't happen without cooperation from some shady characters?

asap talked to Joya and others about the outspoken lawmaker, who's also the subject of "Enemies of Happiness," a feature documentary distributed by the arts organization Women Make Movies that's won awards at Sundance and other film festivals.

Listen to her story in this asap podcast.